Star Wars #1 sells out, going back to reprint, and agin

star Wars #1 is a juggernaut. The first issue sold over 1 million copies with over 100 different covers. It is going back for a second print.
Not unheard of. The 2nd Print is also sold out in advance of the book being released and is being allocated. This will be one to grab. Star Wars is now going back for a 3rd print.
Look for more prints in the future. My guess, at least seven prints before this is all said and done. Not sure if they will keep doing new covers for it.

6 thoughts on “Star Wars #1 sells out, going back to reprint, and agin”

      1. Yeah, I actually picked up two regular covers along with a few of the variants (only because I could get them at cover price).

  1. The 2015 version of Spawn #1. This comic will be worthless. I anticipate Spider-Gwen #1 will be worthless too aside from 1-100 variants and the Phantom variant.

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