Kickstarter Comics: Blast Furnace by Ryan Browne pushing 2x Goal

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blast furnace

You can say that Blast Furnace doesn’t need you but you need Blast Furnace. With 3 days left in the funding process, Blast Furnace has hit $29,896 of it’s $15,000 funding goal. Continue reading “Kickstarter Comics: Blast Furnace by Ryan Browne pushing 2x Goal”

Kickstarter Comic: Blast Furnace Recreational Thief

blast furnace

Love God Hates Astronauts? Hate God Hates Astronauts, either way, this comic is for you, or at least Ryan Browne says so. Blast Furnace is a 280 page graphic novel by GHA artist and writer Ryan Browne, but with rules:

Blast Furnace is an improvisational comic written and drawn an hour per page with zero planning and no idea where the story is going to go. Behold, a full color collection spanning all 280 pages of stream o’ consciousness lunacy!

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