Ghost Rider may be on Marvel's Agent's of Shield, just not the one you think

Thanks to Brian S. for the heads up
It has been announced that Ghost Rider may be on Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, just not the one you think. 
According to, the characters they are casting are two Latino brothers. That means it will not be Johnny Blaze or any of the older Ghost Riders, but the more recent Robbie Reyes.
Robbie and his brother first appear in All New Ghost Rider 1. Copies have been flying off eBay fairly quick as this is a cheap TV spec book. still has copies for around cover price.
There are several variants for the comic, including a horrible Hamster one, a Skottie Young, and also the Frank Kozik Labbits Hasting variant (which I was lucky enough to score dirt cheap at the Hastings Clearance.)

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  1. The print run for All New Ghost Rider #1 is: 50,072
    There is a Skottie Young cover, and one other I think, that were both open order, so a portion of those are factored into that print run. The retailer incentive ratios are based on orders of only the basic cover.
    In my opinion, that means the 1:25 probably has a print run of 1k-1.2k copies and the 1:50 could be around 400-600 copies.

    1. I picked them up at Movie Stop, which sells Hasting’s Variants. They were $5.99 and 70% off that price. They were also buy 3 and get 2 free.

        1. I loaded up on Hastings variants. Bought the store out and have sold through most of them but still have some up on eBay for cheaper than everyone else.

      1. What is Movie Stop? Is that a physical store you went to? I’ve never been to an actual Hastings location, and have only ordered from the website once. I tend to have issues with them cancelling pre-orders on me, so I gave up on them, and I always hear about items arriving damaged. Meanwhile, I finally live in an area with Books-A-Million, but it is hit or miss whether a particular location actually has a book that they’ve released or not, and whether they’re in good condition or not; and a lot of times they have In-Store sales that are great, but can’t be honored online if the store doesn’t have the books you want but the website does. There are 4 locations surrounding where I live, but they’re each about 30 minutes away in opposite directions, so there’s no easy way to visit multiple locations when a new book is released… and NONE of them ever got in the Power Rangers Fried Pie Variants here… 🙁

        1. Movie stop is a chain of movie retail stores that are usually associated with Game Stops. Movie Stop sells comics and are a part of Hastings I believe. There are two in the state I live in and one I completely obliterated. All their comics were bagged and boarded.

  2. Mycomicshop still had 1 in 25 variant for $4.50…I think I picked up that last one though…Also bought a few #1’s…At cover or close to cover you can’t go wrong. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. I watch Agents of Shield i don’t think GR will be appearing. I also don’t recall GR ever being in a Shield comic book. I could be wrong, I just don’t see Marvel putting GR on Agents when he fits into the character line up for Netflix so well with all his Shadowland buddies.

      1. Yep the casting call fits except for the part of one being the most dangerous in the room as Robbie Reyes is a high school student who’s a generally a nice guy who’s always concerned about his disabled brother. The original rumor for GR appearing on Shield because of the fire chain on the SDCC bus was written by someone who doesn’t even watch the show as they had no clue there was already a character on the show who uses that chain. Also filming of season 4 starts in 2weeks and episode 1 premieres September 20 so kinda late to be casting what would be a major show redefining character. But you know me of course I bought a copy last night just wasn’t going to throw down $40 on a 1:50 variant which they’re were 3 on Amazon last night for people that want them and to spec on this. Just beware I’ve seen the 1:50 variant go as low $5 in auction.

      2. I can see that the casting call could sound like Robbie & his brother, but not close enough to be a sure thing. I agree with Alana that the chain was likely related to Hellfire, from “Secret Warriors” who was already a part of the show in the back half of Season 3 and used a fiery chain in the final episodes. But if they were going to bring in Robbie Reyes, I wouldn’t say that it’s too late into production, because not all cast additions occur in the season premiere. Wasn’t Mockingbird introduced 5 or 6 episodes into Season 2? And they’ve obviously teased characters who end up having very little screen time. They jumped the gun on hyping the “Secret Warriors” before the show was even close to getting there, and by the time it all came together, they barely had 2 missions before the time-gap and status quo shake-ups. I am looking forward to next season, though, and really, really hoping that Cobie Smulders is finally back as Maria Hill! I was definitely stunned when she didn’t become a series regular in the second season; since “How I Met Your Mother” had ended, I pretty much thought this was a guarantee. And I’m glad Coulson will no longer be director of SHIELD. Coulson is dedicated, and he motivates the other characters, but the responsibility & seriousness of being the director of SHIELD just doesn’t mesh well with his humor & spontaneity.

  4. If you’re spec ing on this series check out issue 8. It had a 1:25 Deadpool variant. Print run for issue 8 is 17,907. That puts the variant at a little over 700 (right?), but let’s be honest, how many people ordered 25 issues of this series. Especially at issue 8. It’s already a pricey book but it’s got to be out there in the wild somewhere for a reasonable price.

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