Phoenix Comic Fest 2018 Cosplay Gallery

Cosplayers went all out as usual.  They are always good but this year was on another level. I always try to catch as many of the endless Harley variants as I can. One of my favs is Amber Brite (, a fantastic cosplayer and prop maker.  I regularly see her at conventions. She is super nice, wears an amazing new outfit every day, and should probably be on a Hollywood set with her prop and prosthetic making skills. Met the very charming Ashm0nster ( who knocked it out of the park with her Junko E cosplay, and I discovered her awesome Twitch channel. Kudos to Cos A Commotion for an incredible GOTG set at their booth, plus taking donations and giving proceeds to Pets for Vets.
Check out the pics, check out their social media too.  Follow and like! Show them some love, they bring the characters we love to life and are part of our geek family!
IG: @sishumaIMG_6116IMG_6117IMG_6125IMG_6126IMG_6131IMG_6132IMG_6133IMG_6134IMG_6136IMG_6137IMG_6138IMG_6139IMG_6140IMG_6141IMG_6142
IG: @amberskiescosplayIMG_6145IMG_6146IMG_6148IMG_6149IMG_6150IMG_6151IMG_6152IMG_6153IMG_6154IMG_6155IMG_6156IMG_6157IMG_6158IMG_6159IMG_6164IMG_6165IMG_6168
IG: @cosacommotioncosplayIMG_6169IMG_6170IMG_6171IMG_6172IMG_6173IMG_6174IMG_6175IMG_6176IMG_6177IMG_6178IMG_6179IMG_6180
IG: @ashm0nstertvIMG_6206
IG: @gglindsayelyseIMG_6207IMG_6208IMG_6209IMG_6210IMG_6211IMG_6212IMG_6213IMG_6214IMG_6215IMG_6216IMG_6217IMG_6218IMG_6219IMG_6220IMG_6221IMG_6230IMG_6231

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  1. My favorite this year was Totoro. I had never seen this design before. Probably the only cosplayer I photographed the entire weekend. A lot of spectacular designs, but Totoro was awesome!

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