Things I Like and Don't Like for the Week of June 6th, 2018

Welcome back to another edition of things I like and don’t like. I try to keep this relevant to the week in question in regards to comics and other things related to comics, you know, movies, TV shows but sometimes I might stray.

So not a whole lot is going on. Well, there could be but I’ve been swamped with life. Maybe I should put that down as things I don’t like, the mediocre life tidbits that must be done but no one really wants to do.
Spawn Spawning Covers
Usually we see this crap from Marvel but what is the deal with Spawn #286? It’s like McFarlane had coitus with a bunny and they had a litter of comic kits (yes, baby bunnies are referred as kits). 8 covers and the only real difference is the colors? Talk about a cash grab to boost sales of a comic. This is really catering to the weak completists who can’t resist buying every cover.
I say fight back? Control your urges. Buy the cover with your favorite color and leave the rest, you don’t need them all. Really, you don’t! They’ll all be worthless by the time you throw them in a bag and board, tucked away in your long box for you to pull out years from now.
I got an advance review copy of #286 and from what I can tell, nothing significant happens to warrant 8 covers. Actually, even if there was something significant happening, that’s still not a good reason to produce 8 covers.
Banner is Back
The real Hulk is back in The Immortal Hulk. Now if we can get Marvel to get rid of this Cho kid with his swanky hair style and horrible jokes, because that’s not a Hulk, that’s just the Jolly Green Giant if you ask me.
Alpha Was Not Much Of An Alpha
Why are they doing a special Alpha cover already for Walking Dead Bill Sienkiewicz covers? I know Walking Dead is dying a slow painful death right now but come on, there have been way more prominent characters before Alpha appeared they could have done before this cover.
I was originally excited about this Alpha character when introduced to the Walking Dead but the story was dragged out and then she dies by the hands of Negan. A special cover with Alpha should come way further down the release timeline if you ask me, Beta proved to be more of a villain than Alpha and he ended up sucking as well.
Daryl Leading the Walking Dead?
Last week we learned that Rick Grimes is leaving AMC’s The Walking Dead. This is actually things I like, good for him. Now he can easily move on to other roles he’s likely been turning down. All of his cast mates have the capability (since they’re not the main character in almost every episode) to vanish for shows at a time to do other projects, so I’m sure Andrew Lincoln is tired, it’s now going into 9 seasons. Time for the show to end.
But now on with the actual point of this gripe. They’ve tapped Daryl as the leading role? I just don’t see this panning out so well. Don’t get me wrong, I like Norman Reedus but the main reason we have the Walking Dead story line is Rick Grimes. I said it long ago and I’ll say it again, once Rick Grimes is dead or gone, the story is over. I just can’t stand behind Daryl being the leader or lead role in this show. I’m anticipating we’ll be seeing a whole lot less of Michonne as well, now that she’s in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Strange how this can be a like and a dislike. But I’d say it’s more of a like than anything. I like the fact that the Walking Dead could be ending soon so it ends before it’s totally ruined by being dragged out for several more seasons of total nonsense.
Perhaps we should hold a contest. The contest would be, how would you end the Walking Dead show or comic? Hmmm…

28 thoughts on “Things I Like and Don't Like for the Week of June 6th, 2018”

  1. If they are gonna keep the show going why not get someone else to play rick? Maybe have Megan burn his face at the end of season 9

  2. End the Walking Dead comic and tv show with Negan taking Rick’s place. Still cocky, still violent, still charming and funny but with the purpose of keeping all of the communities safe and united.
    The new characters since The Whisperer War all suck, especially that Salt And Peppa reject Princess..
    TWD is barely watchable as it is and I sure as Hell won’t tune in with Darryl running things. Listen up Darryl, having greasy hair and squinty eyes doesn’t fuckin make you Charles Bronson!
    The comic has been so bad of late that I forgot it comes out this week, basically buying it out of habit.
    I don’t read the Cho Hulk, Weapon H, whatever it is it sounds stupid but I picked up a beautiful high grade copy of AF #15 series 2 so I need Marvel to keep him around until after I send it to CGC

    1. Okay, end the show with Negan killing everyone so they turn into zombies and the final scene is Negan walking off into the sunset with Lucille.

    1. They might have to cause it can’t be based off the comic now since most of the prominent characters are gone or leaving the show that pretty much make up the stories in the comic.

      1. Sadly I think the show and comic is beyond repair. Better to end on a positive note rather than it continuing to slide with viewers and readers.

  3. I have a mental image of the Immortal Hulk driving the teeth through the back of the “Cho”lly Green Giant’s head … sorry … had to get the bad joke in there simply in memory of what will be left of the Totally Awesome Hulk after meeting this latest evolution of the true Hulk.

      1. I think Kirkman stated in an interview once he would never end it like that, but it would be that classic ending. Rick was in a coma the entire time, dreaming it all.
        A twist would be that the ending is him waking up from his coma and instead of his family there by his side, the zombie apocalypse is happening. End with black screen, Sopranos style.

  4. With The Walking Dead, do a shock reveal that Rick & Negan are one in the same ! Flash back scenes ultimately revealing that Rick has been relying on Negan to come out & be the strong part of his own character that he has needed to bring out to do the nasty stuff. With Carl dying, Rick can no longer control his inner Negan. In the show Rick walks off alone one evening, but the closing shot has Negan looking into a mirror & stating now its his turn to take back the world from the dead. Ambiguous & open very much to conjecture, and of course leaves the door open for Rick to actually return for one last hurrah at the very end of the tenth & final season to save his remaining friends & square off against Negan / himself ?! & die in a blaze of glory (cue John Bon Jovi soundtrack). Screen fades out to a blood red montage as a farewell to the show & an end credit shock sequence with all the main characters wandering aimlessly together as Zombies. RIP TWD.

  5. I suspect they could jump in the future and make Judith the main character with Daryl as her protector like Hope and Cable. They could do the whisper wars and lead up to the current plot line in the comics this coming season and age Judith to be old enough to act and come of age in the following seasons. Since Judith is dead in the comics it would make a new tv version twist.

    1. Judith grows up, gets in argument with old man Daryl, shoots him with his cross bow in the face. The End. 🙂

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