Final Order Cut-Off in Review from Sept 10th, 2018

There were plenty in the comic flipping community that frowned upon articles that point out final order cut-off of books. Some claim this hurts comic flippers despite the information already being out there along with publishers emailing out such notices on their own books.
Last time I checked, CHU was a website for comic book flipping among the other noise we generate.
So perhaps we should revisit some of these highlighted books to see how much our highlights affected the secondary market, which I’m pretty certain made zero impact if we had mentioned the books or didn’t mention them.
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August 2018 In Review

It felt like August came and left us in a hurry despite it’s 5 Wednesdays. I can’t even recall most of the books that came out without looking them up. Maybe it’s that 5th Wednesday that pushed the number of books in August or I’m just getting old with a poor memory now.
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Cold Spots – Sneak Peek Brief Review

Cullen Bunn is no doubt a master writer of horror and suspense comics. With his hit series Harrow County, he also brought us Regression while writing heavily for Marvel currently and in the past, his latest book is Cold Spots out from Image Comics with artist Mark Torres

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Farmhand #1 – A Review by Poyo

The Jenkins Family farm isn’t your typical farm. Yes, they grow plug and play human organs. Need an ear, they can grow that. Need a liver, they can grow that too. Jed Jenkins has mastered what is likely stem-cell research into a bio-engineering empire for human kind.

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The Weatherman – Review

The Weatherman hits comic stands this Wednesday, June 13th 2018. From the writer who brought us Shirtless Bear Fighter, brings forth a story about a man who doesn’t only recall his past but clearly is living in a present day world as if everything is normal, except second dates.
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