Outer Darkness Chew #1 – Sneak Peek Preview

Jon Layman’s Outer Darkness crosses over into his previous Chew’s universe with Rob Guillory, which just means pure awesomeness cause you all know what that means right? Secret Agent Poyo makes an appearance..  although brief, it’s certainly in true Poyo style…

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Likes and Don’t Likes for the Week of August 1st, 2018

I survived the road to Hana (yes, it’s apparently a thing) and didn’t get eaten by any sharks (but I did see lots of turtles on my snorkeling adventure). So there’s that in something to like this week. It was hard to leave but all good things must come to an end.

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Farmhand #1 – A Review by Poyo

The Jenkins Family farm isn’t your typical farm. Yes, they grow plug and play human organs. Need an ear, they can grow that. Need a liver, they can grow that too. Jed Jenkins has mastered what is likely stem-cell research into a bio-engineering empire for human kind.

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Something Dark Has Taken Root In Farmhand…

This is a book I’m looking foward to being a huge Chew fan and fan of Rob Guillory artwork.
Image Comics is pleased to reveal preview pages from Eisner Award winning co-creator of CHEW Rob Guillory’s forthcoming FARMHAND. The series is set to launch this July.
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