Poyo's Spec and Drek for September 26th, 2018

Once again, a chicken is going to tell all you people what to buy, what to spec on and what to just flat out avoid.

You can take this list serious or with a grain of salt, either way, Anthony says I can say and do whatever I want. So here you go, here are my picks of the week.
DC/Vertigo Pick
This one I’m still not sure about. I like the idea and concept but there seems to be something off about this new Middleton cover for Batgirl #27 .
It’s still my pick since there is literally nothing else that stands out in DC’s Universe this week.
Am I in the minority with this cover? It’s nothing ground breaking but it both catches my attention but makes me kind of stare at it like something’s wrong with it as well.
Tell us what you think in the comments.
Marvel Pick
Boba Fett certainly has his fan base. This one is already selling out online or has sold out. Midtown sold out quickly, to my knowledge within a few hours last Wednesday.
Probably helps that Doctor Aphra has a smaller reader base as well compared to some of the other Star Wars titles. This pick clearly goes to Star Wars Doctor Aphra #24 Galactic Icon Cover that depicts the classic Boba Fett.
My honorable mention goes to True Believers Marvel Knights 20th Anniversary Punisher War Journal #1. That’s a mouthful right? Why not just call it True Believers. Either way, Punisher and particularly Punisher War Journal was some of my first taste in comic books back in the 80’s. I actually subscribed to it via mail. Ah, the good ‘ol days. This one is selling out online already. Grab a copy or two if you see them, these $1 books can turn into easy $3 or $4 flips from time to time, sometimes even more.
Indie Pick
I dig the cover art on this one. I like the premise. But this one will fall flat if the story and art don’t deliver.
Vault Comics has had winners in the past but they’ve also had a lot of duds. We’ve seen new books come without seeing issues beyond issue #1. I hope they’re not digging the same hole that Black Mask dug themselves.
So tread lightly but this weeks indie pick goes to Friendo #1 . Jerry didn’t get many toys as a kid so now that he’s all grown up, he wants your toys so he steals. Governments and rules, with a personalized VR assistant that’s malfunctioning, let the violence begin.
Small Publisher Pick
I’m a Stranger Things fanboy. I love the 80s nostalgia that the show brings forth. It also helps they bring my late 80s and early 90s crush back to our screens. I don’t care if she’s old, I love me some Winona Ryder.
Regardless, this weeks small publisher pick goes to Stranger Things #1 from Dark Horse Comics. By all means this one will be easy to get. I’m sure most shops went a little heavier on this one because they know it’s going to sell.
And I don’t always advocate specific store shops but I’m really digging the Midtown Mattina variant for this book. I might just have to splurge and grab a copy despite it being $10.

Now on with the dreaded “avoid” pick, every writer and artist worst nightmare when it comes to selling their hard work.
I have zero information on Spider-Geddon #0 as I’m basing it purely on the fact that it’s a #0, which a lot of collectors hate and they have a bad track record of never being worth anything beyond cover price and secondly,
This is just Spider-Verse version 2, where we saw an over printing of another sub par Spider-Man Universe story that resulted in a bunch of dollar bin books. I’m not talking about the Edge series where we saw the debut of Spider-Gwen and a few other books shoot up in value.
I don’t expect much out of this series. I hope I’m wrong, I hope a cool new character emerges from this or we get some awesome story telling. But I’m not holding my breath.

21 thoughts on “Poyo's Spec and Drek for September 26th, 2018”

  1. Good calls, I already pre-ordered every one you listed above except for the Spider-Geddon #0..didn’t interest me this week..which means it will probably end up as this week’s Batman Damned jk

    1. Heh. So far in Shawn B’s One Year Later posts I’ve been spot on with my Drek picks.. but one day I know I’ll pick a book to avoid that becomes the next Saga #1 or something. 😉

    1. Maybe, villains are hit or miss. They have to really stand out long term and in some cases take a really long time with multiple appearances before they really catch on.

      1. Heroes are hit or miss too, Poyo. I think UDM has long term potential as a character simply based off of the design. Eerie creepy, imo. But we will have to see how the character is developed and written. That will be the test if the character can grab a foothold in todays comic zeitgeist.

        1. Very true for heroes as well.
          I just have to say, it is Tynion writing this book though. I’m not a fan of Tynion, he seems to ruin more books than wow me.

  2. I am liking the Middleton BG cover this week. Its not a stand out like 23 was, but it is a great piece none the less. I think its the colours in it that are really whats appealing to me. Im loving the orange bats on that dark blue background.

    1. I’ll wait until I see it in person if it “wows” me…but I’m agreeing with poyo for the moment that something has not made me excited about his cover….last months was a bust. 28 has not come out and it’s past FOC….

      1. Did not see a single copy of A or B covers today…there wasn’t even a “new release” sign under where the shops normally put the Batgirls. Lots of Middleton 25s and 26s.

  3. Is nobody gonna be upset that Friendo isn’t actually about Ghüs’s pet?
    I’m livid.
    Also that Mattina Stranger Things is dope, I absolutely had to preorder it for that price, considering mosf store exclusives are 15+ not including shipping!

    1. Yeah, I need to buy the Mattina Stranger Things but I also figure they went heavy on them, might just pick one up when I’m up there for NYCC next week.

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