Final Order Cut-Off in Review from Sept 10th, 2018

There were plenty in the comic flipping community that frowned upon articles that point out final order cut-off of books. Some claim this hurts comic flippers despite the information already being out there along with publishers emailing out such notices on their own books.
Last time I checked, CHU was a website for comic book flipping among the other noise we generate.
So perhaps we should revisit some of these highlighted books to see how much our highlights affected the secondary market, which I’m pretty certain made zero impact if we had mentioned the books or didn’t mention them.

Today we’ll revisit the FOC from Sept. 10th, 2018 just to see how much Final Order Cut-Off articles affect the secondary market.
We saw Catwoman #4 Artgerm variant highlighted but from past trends, these have not heated up due likely to shops catching on and ordering plenty of copies to go around. I don’t think we anticipated this one to heat up, at this point most of Artgerm’s books are for the personal collections.
Wonder Woman #56 Frison cover B was another book mentioned. This peaked at $20 for a single issue and then mixed sets were selling for $20 average. Currently this book is selling between $5 and $10 on average. Frison is gaining a fan base for sure, if you find these out in the wild it’s not a bad idea to grab and stash for a potential long term gamble for any future fans. Of if you like to swap a Lincoln for a Hamilton to have some extra lunch money, not a bad trade.
Next up was Suicide Squad #47 Mattina Cover B. This was quickly a $20 book on average. Since then this turned into a solid $10-$12 book with most recent sales. There was a $18 dollar sold listing back on October 18th, which isn’t to long ago.
Cursed Comics Cavalcade is a $9.99 retail price book but it still jumped to be a $20 book. The most recent sale was at $18. At time of writing (after my big fat finger mistake), plenty for sale with most sales slightly above cover, at or right below cover price. Thanks Vann for catching my fat finger typing lookups.
Nic Klein gave us a glimpse with a blast from the past providing us a Deadpool #5 Garbage Pail Kid cover of Deadpool.
This turned out as a winner for Marvel despite us giving everyone a heads up on it’s final order cut-off.
Seems a lot of sets of this were selling well. 3, 4 and 5 copy lots were all selling above $30, some up to $50 ball park range. A few single issues sold around the $30 range on their own.
Since the hype has died down, now you can find these in the $10 range with relative ease.
Most of the remaining books were the Marvel X-Men Black Campbell variants and the Battle Lines variants that didn’t heat up too much but were selling out at most online retailers.

6 thoughts on “Final Order Cut-Off in Review from Sept 10th, 2018”

  1. Good write-up AP….but it’s Cavalcade….not Calvacade. It’s a big difference as your reference has 3 listings and the other has 120+.

  2. First of all, anyone that inks little old CHU has any negative impact on flipping potential because of posting FOCs is laughable. Naysayers and haters need to get a life, or stop depending so much on flipping funny books.
    As far as he FOCs from 9/10, The Catwoman artgerm Art was released prior to FOC and all the major online comic shops announced it through their FOC emails. So it got plenty of attention all around.
    Was the art for deadpool actually announced as a GPK homage prior to FOC?

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