Likes and Dislikes for the Week of November 7th, 2018

It’s that time again, where I tell you what’s really grinding my gears for the week of November 7th, 2018.
Some weeks it’s mostly likes, other weeks it’s dislikes.
So what’s grinding my gears this week?

Wytches from Snyder and Jock
I actually got an advanced review copy of the new Bad Eggs Wytches Halloween special but with this already being part of the monthly Image+ (that I stopped reading cause it’s pretty much things you can find and read online for free), I just hate these tactics by Image.
I also dislike that Wytches had so much going for it and then poof, gone, another fart in the wind that vanished before it even really got started.
We’ve been promised the next volume but honestly, with such huge gaps between issues and volumes, it just kills the vibe for me.
I know Snyder and Jock are likely some of the busiest in the comics industry but instead of teasing us readers and collectors with these one shots or years between stories, I say just work on it when you can and then release them when you’re done.
So knocking out two in one. Two dislikes. Wytches delays and Image doing craptastic cash grabs.
Aquaman Is Coming
I finally got around (I know, I know) to watching the second extended trailer for Aquaman and I must say, I really like what I’m seeing.
This one might end up being one of the better movies in the DC Universe (it might not dethrone Wonder Woman but it could very well be the second best DC movie judging from the trailers). There’s some cheesy scenes and dialogue but it’s all for entertainment right?
If you haven’t watched it yet, here it is for your viewing pleasure.

Let’s go over some key first appearances for some of the characters that made it into the movie which most are the really cool Silver Age books.
So obviously the Black Manta is one of the villains in the movie. Black Manta’s first appearance was in Aquaman #35 which surprisingly is not out of reach for most collectors. I bet Mel already has it in his collection since he loves himself some Aquaman.
Aquaman #11 is Mera’s first appearance which is within reach of some budgets for the lower grade copies. Not a bad key book to own.
Black Manta is one of the villains but I think the key villain turns out to be Aquaman’s half brother Orm. His first appearance as the Ocean Master was in Aquaman #29.
Queen Atlanna (being played by Nicole Kidman) was in a flashback scene in Aquaman Vol. 7 in issue #24 New 52 series which claims to be her first appearance. Someone correct me if I’m wrong but I’d imagine these were a bit more on the value spectrum but these you can find dirt cheap, but it seems like most of her appearances have been flashback sequences according to the DC wiki. I was never a reader of Aquaman so I’m not 100% positive so if we got any fans out there that know, please do chime in.
Dolph Lundgren is playing King Nereus who’s first appearance was in issue #19 New 52. Not a bad pickup if the character is a more prominent one but I’m not counting him having a lot of screen time.
I think that’s enough Aquaman for now. But mark this as an actual like. I’m looking foward to the movie. I just plan to have zero expectations going into it.
Grant Morrison Writing Green Lantern
I’m not a huge DC reader. In fact I don’t think I’ve ever read an entire story arc of most DC characters or titles. I think the only one I’ve kept up with is Batman over the years. I read The Flash after Rebirth up into the 30s and then dropped it cause I was just too far behind.
But the new Green Lantern reboot now being written by Grant Morrison got my attention of a potential book to check out and possibly read.
It also help when there’s awesome Killer B covers, this one from Frank Quitley for issue #1.

CHU Giveaways
I love CHU giveaways. Just feels good to give back to the readers and community with cool books they might of missed out on. The latest giveaway is a Rick and Morty Presents Sleepy Gary NYCC Exclusive which is still going on.
So be sure to comment, it’s the only way to possibly win.

That’s all I got this week. Tell us what your liking or disliking in the comments.
Also a friendly reminder that tomorrow is voting day here in the U.S.. If you haven’t already voted early, go vote tomorrow if you’re qualified to vote. Be late for work, skip work, take a long lunch to go vote. Don’t care what your politics are, just go vote. Poyo says you can’t complain about the government unless you go vote.

40 thoughts on “Likes and Dislikes for the Week of November 7th, 2018”

  1. I finally got a 9.8 on a set of captain Marvel 14 and 17…3rd time was the charm on that mission. Chalk that up to a thing I like this week. 🙂

  2. What I dislike this week is my job lol. I’ve missed out on so many flips cuz of work that I haven’t gotten any extra cash to buy some dumb stuff for my car or for my lol. Yes selfish but I do need my flips… 😣😣😣😣

      1. I hear you Cody. My car’s starter gave out 2 weeks ago and the flip $ from comics paid for a new one. I didn’t pay for labor since I know my way around cars. But that extra $ helps.

  3. isnt green lantern an 12 part mini series and an new take on his origin ?
    someone should do an dead image movie/tv spec article

    1. Doesn’t seem like that by reading the soliciations for it. Claims new ongoing series and nothing about his origins. I could be wrong though. My wife says I’m wrong all the time so there’s that.

    1. Yup. I know some dont do it beacuse they’re lazy. Then when they start to complain about whos in office. I quickly remind them…. Ummm.. Who didnt vote again?

  4. I’m liking small time(cheap) specs like Arno Stark, Roz Solomon and Jinny Hex. Arno is kind of tricky because theres an earth 8410 version that appeared in machine man volume 2 #2 and an earth 616 version that first appeared in Ironman volume 5 #12. Jinny Hex is a little tricky because it’s in Batman #4 the Walmart 100 page comic and condition is a huge factor. I found 3 out of 10 that didnt have awful corner dings.
    I’m disliking that they screwed up Luke Cage and got it canceled. I have to admit though that I’m 4 episodes into the second season and it sucks compared to the first.

    1. I’m so far behind on Netflix shows. I’ve watched all of Daredevil season 1 but have yet to watch anymore. I watched like the first two episodes of Punisher and have yet to go back.

  5. Back in the day when I went to college, I knew people who would skip class to watch soaps. I just discovered a kid’s show on Netflix called Larva that I can picture today’s college kids skipping class to watch. Oh wait, Netflix is on demand. Damn am I old. Just watch an episode of Larva.

  6. Things I hate: When Midtown ships out an order with one damaged book and the rest of them are fine. They claim that all books are shipped out from their warehouse NM but cannot back up the claim. I took pictures of the one book fresh out of the box. They want you to send a $3.99 book back, with you paying shipping or offer you an 80 cent credit. Pisses me off. I order hundreds of dollars from Midtown and time to time books come in damaged. I have no problem sending them the book back but not paying shipping back for something they put in the box damaged.

    1. Maybe we should stop linking to them.. you order hundreds of dollars and CHU sends them hundreds or thousands of customers on a monthly basis..

      1. They act like I am trying to rip them off for one $3.99 comic book. In actuality I don’t care and it’s a matter of principle that you don’t send out damage stuff and then try to charge somebody for the return shipping. Or advertise something as near meant and then offer them an $.80 discount because it’s not even close to being near mint

    2. Generally, when I don’t care and Matter of Principle appear in the same sentence, you do care .. if I reported every flawed book I get from Diamond on a weekly basis, I’d be lucky to have 2/3rds of my shipment pass muster .. and, that’s on a good week .. 🙂
      Folks that work packing and shipping these things don’t really care .. it’s all about production .. and, it’s just a Comic, after all .. not the Cure for World Hunger .. 😉

      1. It is just a comic book indeed.
        I think it’s just principle at this point. Customer paid for NM book. He got a G to F book (Anthony shared the pics with me, the damage was not created during transit, clearly damaged before it got bagged and still somehow tagged as a NM book).
        Now Midtown basically says Anthony is a liar and will only offer him a 20% discount or he can return it (with shipping costs as much or more than the book is worth) to get a full refund.
        I’m not sure about the rest of you but when an item is damaged during transit and I want the item back for full refund, I eat the costs. Most of the time I just make sure they send me pictures of proof of damage and I tell them to just discard the item, I’m not spending money for something I’m just gonna throw away after it arrives.
        Thankfully none of my returned items have been comic books. I have a 100% never damaged current for comic books that I’ve sold online. I’m awesome like that.. 🙂

      2. I’m with Poyo. If a book arrives damaged I sold, I take care of it out of my own pocket. It’s only happened to me once out of hundred of sales, knock on wood. I didn’t reinforce the packag as well as I should have (I take much more care now). And I had an extra copy so I sent them that. It was a $5 book.

    3. I was offered 10% off for damaged books (not offered a return as an option). It amounted to 30 cents per book.
      Other people who had similar issues that very week were getting refunds without having to ship books back.
      And that is why I don’t order from midtown except as a last resort.

      1. You know I will ship the book back, just won’t pay for it. I am not trying to get something for nothing. But an offer of 20% off, or 10% off in your case, is an insult.

        1. I totally agree. Forcing a customer to pay for shipping for the return is bad for business. Even eBay forces sellers to refund shipping and pay for return shipping if the item is “not as described”.

    4. If any Company causes a Customer to dislike how they are being treated, the simple answer is, just don’t do business with them ever again .. and spread the word ..
      Time is money, aggravation is stress, Life is Short .. unless there is somehow a pressing need to continue with doing business with said Company, boycott ..

        1. Well, we send a lot of business their way. They should. A website that gets thousands of visitors a day telling them to avoid can really hurt… 😉

  7. I’ll add .. reading a Thread created after this Thread .. I quote ::
    “I actually hit up Midtown right at the moment they listed November 7th’s books … ”
    I guess Midtown can really do no wrong and a Boycott is Out of the Question .. 😉

    1. Heh, well, I wote this article but Anthony is having the bad experience. The last time I had books show up damaged they sent replacements without me having to return them. 😉

        1. I know.. but jerk Anthony’s chain, I’m still buying from Midtown and I’ll be the first complain when they do me wrong. 😉

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