From Comics to Options to our Screens – A Quick Recap of What's Likely To Come Part II

We all know that the majority of media options result into absolutely nothing on the first go round. Think of them as place holders for production companies. They want to grab the latest and greatest in hopes it blows up with popularity. If they see a market for creating a show or movie with the option, the long process of finding a screen writer to kick things off begin and then from there it evolves into something more. Even if it makes it past the script being written, it can still vanish like a fart in the wind.

This is Part II of what’s to come, hopefully. Last time I covered a few of the comic books that are pretty certain that will make it to our screens as they’ve gone beyond just the option and script being written with pilots ordered, already made and actual episodes that have been filmed.
The Boys on Amazon Prime Video
Now last time I missed (Thanks Alana) on catching The Boys as a certain comic turned show so that’s up first as an honorable mention.
The Boys is a book by Garth Ennis (Preacher) and Darick Robertson (Transmetropolitan).
The promo poster even had the actors pose just like for the cover of issue #1.
This series started out at Wildstorm but then finished under Dynamite. Based on the notion that superheroes exist but are corrupt due to their celebrity type status as heroes, which puts the world at risk. Enter the superhero force created by the CIA known as “The Boys” to keep taps on the heroes in the community.
I guess we can say it’s the IA for the Police, someones gotta keep those with powers in check.
Issue #1 is still reasonable for raw and graded books. Raw books are going anywhere between $30 and $50 and a recent 9.8 went for around $100. Not a bad gamble if the show takes off once released on Amazon Prime. Might not see Walking Dead or Preacher type prices since this is not on prime time or cable but Amazon’s Prime for Prime Subscribers.
V-Wars on Netflix
V Wars from IDW and writer Jonathan Maberry supposedly started filming in June of 2018 after it was ordered for a straight to series in April of 2018 (source Wikipedia). This one even has a Netflix page detailing it should be available in 2019.
This book initially caught some heat originally before an option occurred. This one also had a really hard to find 1:100 Human Variant and 1:200 Vampire Variant along with a 2nd print Metallic cover that saw some heat as well.
After a mysterious disease begins transforming people into vampires, Dr. Luther Swann is pitted against his best friend, now a powerful vampire leader.
Since the original heat a few years back has since cooled off, we saw another slight bump back in April of 2018 but not a whole lot of action now. If you want to gamble, now’s the time to buy. You can find the regular Cover A for around $10 or so with the 1:100 Human Variant selling for as little as $30. No recent Vampire 1:200 variants as of lately but I did well selling one of these for over $100 when they originally caught on fire.
Raising Dion on Netflix
I bet you all forgot about this book. Originally a self published book from IndyPlanet and I do believe CHU was one of the firsts to bring this series forward to the masses, it still doesn’t stop me from mentioning it here since it’s slated to debut on Netflix in 2019.
Raising Dion was originally mentioned way back in 2015 where we linked to the original trailer along with links to the free digital download of the first issue along with a way to order floppy copies.
Then CHU was one of the firsts to mention the Netflix order of 10 episodes about a year ago.
Not your normal comic, the floppies are still available now on eBay with plenty of recent sales from $15 and up. There are a few graded copies (even they claim No Publisher, No Date) for sale as well currently.
If the show happens and there’s a renewed interest in the comic, I can see a publisher picking this one up to continue the series in comic book form. We see this occur all the time. Self pulished to publishers, a few come to mind like Rags, Solar Flare and Stabbity Bunny.
If you can’t recall, the premise of this show and comic goes as “A single mom must hide her young son’s superpowers to protect him from exploitation while investigating their origins and her husband’s death.”
You can watch the original trailer here:

Not sure how this one will play out though. It seems you can still get floppy copies from IndyPlanet’s website. Seems like it’s a print to order type of setup so I can’t imagine these are first prints, second prints, etc. But it’s still worth pointing out as there will be those buying on the secondary market no matter.
Cannon Busters on Netflix
Cannon Busters from Udon Entertainment and Devils Due is slated as a Netflix 12 episode animated show for 2019.
This is one of those little known books, it was already hard to find being a Udon/Devils Due published book and originally published back in 2004/2005.
Recent sales put this one in the $20 range and a bunch are listed for a premium but still reasonable price if you ask me.
Unless the animation takes off and has a fan base, I can’t see this one climbing too much but that’s the speculation game right. Perhaps renewed interest if the show hits the Netflix waves could see a reboot of the comic book to help push this into the next level of demand.
Still might not be a bad pick up if you can find them in the back issue bins for cheap.
The Kitchen from Vertigo Comics – New Line Cinema
The Kitchen is supposedly in the works by New Line Cinema where the last casting news I read was that Melissa McCarthy was joining the cast.
You can still find these dirt cheap. So might not be a bad idea to seek these out as a cheap gamble if and when the movie or show hits our screens.
This 8 issue mini-series put women in power. After their Irish Mob husbands are incarcerated, the wives take over the business.
I never read it but seems interesting enough. I’m not sure how I feel about Melissa McCarthy or what her role is in the film as I’d see this more of a serious role rather than a funny fat girl role (no pun on funny fat people, just can’t see this one needing an actress known more for funny than seriousness).
This still has no release date to my knowledge so it’s definitely in that “if it’s gonna happen” category. If someone knows if there has been news of a release date, please let me know. The only thing I found is the principle photography was starting back in May of 2018.

That’s it until the 3rd segment of this article where we visit the books that have had options but haven’t gone as far as have any schedule release dates, no pilots or photography, etc. Hope you all are enjoying these. I know some are just a blast from the past but it’s a good way to stay on top of the potential books that could heat up once the shows start airing.

15 thoughts on “From Comics to Options to our Screens – A Quick Recap of What's Likely To Come Part II”

    1. Hope they do this right. i liked the book a lot and I think it has great potential if it’s done right. Not sure how I feel about them going the comedy angle if the casting rumor is right. I think McCarthy is funny but I don’t see this as being a funny movie. That would dampen my expectations quite a bit.

      1. That’s the hunch I got as well. I like McCarthy as well in comedic roles but I didn’t see this book being a comedy type of movie or show. Maybe she’ll surprise us with a serious role. Jim Carrey I like in the serious roles now over his comedic roles…

      1. I still have a set of Cover A, FCBD edition, 1:100 and 1:200 I’m holding onto.. I want this show to happen and be successful so I can cash out.. again, cause I already made lots of profit from 1:100 and 1:200 issues I obtained.. 🙂

  1. I’ve got a complete set of The Boys, the regular series and all the mini’s. I guess I need to get them all in one place and ready to go.

  2. Raising Dion is available at IndyPlanet for Print on Demand making it worthless. If anyone pays more than 4 bucks for this book they are getting screwed. It will never be valuable. That is the problem (for the flipper) with indy books, print on demand kills all spec.

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