Flashback Friday – One Year Later

Welcome again to Flashback Friday. We take a peek of what we were spec’ing on and talking about a year ago.

DC Books

The winner that no one expected last year goes to Harley Quinn #42 which introduced Old Lady Harley.

This one didn’t really catch any heat until last fall but since then, it’s still a solid $8 to $12 book on average in the past 90 days but I recall it hitting in the mid to upper $20 dollar range when it first caught on fire. If you can find them out in the wild, it’s a quick and easy flip. It’s a potential winner for long term as well.

Batman #45 was a pick by myself, Anthony and even Mel picked the Jim Lee variant B cover. Where’s this book at a year later?

Well, you can still buy them for 15% off at Midtown, both the first and second print. The Jim Lee variant B cover is not available though.

The regular cover sells for around $2 on the secondary market (cheaper than buying from Midtown or your local shop) while the Jim Lee variant is on average a $5 book.

The dud (which was also my drek pick from last year) out from DC a year ago was Action Comics #1000. Midtown is still trying to offload most of their covers. Pay full retail or around $7 at Midtown with their discount or buy off the secondary market where a majority of these covers are selling for $5 or less. Your choice.

Marvel Books

Amazing Spider-Man #799 is the second appearance of Red Goblin and also we saw little Normie Osborn bond with the Carnage Symbiote.

Could end up being a key book and certainly one for the long term gamble but I’m sticking with #798 as the real long term winner since it was Norman who was the first Red Goblin and I don’t think we’ve seen the last of him.

Normie might one day become a Red Goblin but I don’t think it’s going to be as big an impact on value (that’s just my opinion though, might want to consider picking up Amazing Spider-Man #263 which is Normie’s first appearance unnamed). You can still find #799 at your local shops and online, Midtown still has them listed for around cover price.

Indie and Small Publishers

Skyward #1 from Image Comics I’d say is a winner from last year.

It was optioned during the summer that quickly made this book a solid $10 to $15 on average initially. The #1 second print with a cover by Jock sold as high as $30 at one point.

Fast forward a year, #1 still sells as much as $15 on a good day with some dipping as low as $6 to $10. If the media option ever goes beyond the original option, we could see this go through another mini-explosion again, only to settle back down.

Black Hammer Age of Doom #1 isn’t doing much on the secondary market but I just wanted to throw this title out there because it’s probably one of the better reads currently.

Jeff Lemire has created a really cool superhero story with Black Hammer and this should be on everyone’s read list.

Black Hammer was optioned but this is one title that really needs to get made into a show or movie.

Catch up on Black Hammer with the trades..

Black Hammer Volume 1: Secret Origins TPB

Once they were heroes. Now, banished from existence by a multiversal crisis, the old champions of Spiral City lead simple lives in a timeless farming town. But as they attempt to free themselves from this strange purgatory, a mysterious stranger works to bring them back into action for one last adventure! “If you think there’s no room left in your life for another superhero comic, Black Hammer might just prove you wrong.”-IGN

Quantum Age: From the World of Black Hammer Volume 1 TPB

In the world of the Eisner Award-winning Black Hammer series–but one hundred years in the future–a collection of superheroes, inspired by the legendary heroes of Black Hammer Farm, must band together to save the planet from an authoritarian regime. A young Martian must find a way to reform The Quantum League to save the world, while solving the riddle of what happened to the great heroes of the twentieth century. Black Hammer creators Jeff Lemire ( The Terrifics ) and Wilfredo Torres ( Legion ) illustrates and Dave Stewart ( Hellboy ) adds his colorist skills to the mix. Collects The Quantum Age #1-#6.

28 thoughts on “Flashback Friday – One Year Later”

    1. The only Old Man I could back and get into was Logan. Could be a long term spec but it’s just hard to tell. Unless they keep at it and perhaps they show up in a movie, I don’t have that feeling it’s going to have that same appeal or popularity.

    2. Dark Knight Returns is really the first “old man” anything. It if they bring the old men/women into regular continuity, like they did with Logan, then yes. Long term spec.

      Gotta wonder isn’t Thomas Wayne technically “old man” Batman? Since he is Batman’s “old man?”

    1. I read the first volume, story. I’ve only skimmed through the others cause I want to wait until it’s all done to sit down and read them all, all in one sitting. It’s that type of book. I’ll probably just wait for the big ‘ol Omnibus with them all stuffed inside.

  1. So Naomi #4 continues to defy logic and have asking prices of $10 +, $13 at mycomicshop right now. I still don’t think there’s a shortage of them. Now Naomi #5 hits FOC Monday and it’s been advertised as the reveal all issue. Do you buy stacks right now at less than cover and assume it’ll defy logic like #4 or bail and assume it’s going to be ordered heavy and dumped by everyone else?

    #4 surprised me already and carried my last 1B and a dinged 2 out the door with it at $42 plus shipping. I’m thinking order 5 at least in qty to pair with the later printings of 1 thru 4 expected just to avoid needing 5 later printings.

    1. I’m gonna say, don’t go to heavy on them but buy a couple of copies.

      Ultimately in the end, issue #1 will be the overall winner since it’s her first appearance. Events within the stories are nice but unless there’s a first appearance, those are the only books that truly hold their own over time.

      1. Agreed. Only buy as many 5s to complete any sets. Individually I think everyone has caught up to this like immortal hulk and now only a new character appearance will make future issues spec worthy.

  2. But dont you think the issue that actually shows her having her powers and in her costume will eventually be the one? I am not saying that Naomi #1 will not have a nice price tag on it but most people go looking for Carnage, for example, they dont jump on 344 they go to 361. Maybe I’m wrong but I think if Naomi has any real loooong term spec we will not be calling her Naomi we will be calling her whatever her new superhero name is and that is coming in one of the next two issues.

    1. Depends on how market reacts. My take on first appearances like this is, Naomi is whatever her superhero alter ego name becomes and vice versa. She is who she is. Now if she ends up being another hero down the road… For instance like Carol Danvers type of scenario. But I think most will still go for issue #1 as the all out winner. No matter what her new name becomes, shes still Naomi.

    2. Also, I think the reason collectors go for Carnage in ASM #361 is due to the fact that Carnage is a symbiote that bonds with it’s host and there have been numerous hosts. Cletus was the first but his first appearance is not as significant as Carnage’s itself.

    3. You make a great point, Steve. The market seems to react differently to each individual situation when the 1st full w/ or w/o costume. I believe with Naomi, that there will be an increase in print run for #5. Therefore the market will opt for Naomi #1 which had a print run of approx 25,000, between 2 covers. If we assume that that split is 60/40, A/B, then the A cover sits around 15,000 copies. I believe Naomi #5 will be closer to 20,000, making cover A of issue #1, Naomis 1st full, as the book to own for this character. Naomi #1 will pair nicely with #5, for those who have #1s and no other issue in the run.

        1. Do you have just one copy or multiple? I had 5 total. First sale of one paid for all 5 of mine. I just sold another for $82 which is now all profit. I’m considering selling another but might hold since if they bottom out I still made $82 profit.

          So if you wanna make easy money now, sell. Just dont hold any regrets if it they keep going up in price.

        2. I’ve be n teetering on whether to sell my cover Bs or send them all in for grading. A 9.8 of A hit $500. I was predicting ultimate fallout 4 and spider-verse 2 numbers eventually….but it feels too soon.

          I have 2As and 3Bs left….I don’t think any are 9.8s, but likely 9.6s…even those were fetching $150. So if I hit 1 or 2 9.8s and the rest 9.6s I should be worth it versus selling raw now.

          1. Here’s one to watch, a slightly damaged copy I just listed that has some folds damage from a piss poor package job: Naomi #1

            Lucky me had this one replaced by the seller and they didn’t ask for this one in return. Could be a presser’s dream book to fix..

    1. I feel the bottom will fall out hard on this book, it’s short term spec. I just can’t see Naomi ever having staying power, she’s literally just a Bendis DC version of Riri and people are only spec’ing because of Miles. The only reason the first issue is commanding the prices it is is FOMO, there’s nothing else you can even say about her at this point. Unless creators other than Bendis carry her for years and years and she goes into DC movies, I just can’t see it.

      1. I think a lot of it is FOMO for sure. I think we’re on the initial hill of the roller coaster ride or fast approaching the top of the first hill and then it’ll go into waves along the way depending on what DC has planned for her long term.

        I’m not complaining though. I just sold another #1 for $110 last night.

  3. Does it appear Naomi is off to join Young Justice? Issues 6 has her surrounded by Young Justice heroes. They already have Superboy, a Teen Lantern, a female powerhouse and a speedster. I’m starting to wonder what she would have to offer the team the other’s don’t already provide? Working on the initial order for submission to Diamond today for June deliveries.

  4. APR190771
    Venom 15’s new cover is looking a lot like Savage Venom from issue 13 in low lighting turned away from the camera.

  5. Another question, is the Armored Spider-Man Suit from the cover of Immortal Hulk 19 the 1st comic book appearance of that suit? APR190794 It looks a lot like the armored suit from a video game?

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