Books To Watch – Punk Mambo out of Valiant

Thanks to JayClue (through AaronC. @ CBSMT ) for pointing this one out. Here’s a book to watch that’s heating up to a recent new Punk Mambo #1 out from Valiant.

Current eBay sales of Shadowman #13 are making this a solid $25 book due to the first appearance of Punk Mambo. You can still find Punk Mambo issues online. With this type of heat, her self title could end up seeing some heat as well.

There was also some ratio variants that are doing extremely well. Valiant has such small print runs, the ratio’s are usually ghost variants. It’s rare for most shops to order more than 20 or so of their titles.

Shadowman #16 was first cover appearance of Punk Mambo and is selling almost just as well as her first appearance issue.

7 thoughts on “Books To Watch – Punk Mambo out of Valiant”

  1. I picked up her new #1 white cover variant just because she looked intriguing to me and after looking inside of the cbook she reminded me of Tank-girl so I figured why not. . After getting home I looked her up and learned all this stuff and now I’m real happy I got it. My gut was right about getting it,

  2. she has cos play written all over her.and I also got the tank girl vibe as well #testify blind adam out

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