Back in Stock Alert – Naomi #2 and #3 Final Printings

Another book that has ruled the headlines these past few months for new comics is Naomi.

If you missed out on the final printings for issues #2 and #3, they’re back in stock, limited to 1 per customer.

Midtown has both in stock for issue #2 final printing and #3 final printing. Limited to 1 per customer. These saw pretty low print numbers. Issue 2 final printing had a print run of just 5,381 and issue 3 was at just 5,111.

So if you missed out, here’s your chance at nabbing them for 50 cents over cover price (I think Midtown bumps the prices by 50 cents to cover the costs of the “free bag and board” they provide with all comics.

Stay tuned into CHU for a giveaway of both these issues, once Midtown sells out.

5 thoughts on “Back in Stock Alert – Naomi #2 and #3 Final Printings”

    1. raws are still selling for like 70, 9.8s have dropped alot due to market flood. ive been watching cgc census and 40 9.8 were added this week alone. but its a great long term hold. once scared quick flippers sell prices will slowly rise just like tt12 did

        1. I sold a variant cover B for $125 plus shipping….I think they topped out at$150/$160 when A was going for $500. So I think that’s good.

          I have 4 more 9.8s, two,of each cover…holding for now until I need to sell to fiancé a grail I’m after…I’ll likely keep,1 of A and B.

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