April 2019 – In Review Part II

Welcome to Part II of April 2019 in Review.

Now, another quick recap of the top ten books from April based on Comichron print run totals.

  1. War of Realms #1 – 187,851
  2. Symbiote Spider-Man #1 – 165,841
  3. Batman Who Laughs #4 – 103,645
  4. Immortal Hulk #16 – 90,305
  5. Batman #69 – 88,666
  6. Batman #68 – 87,557
  7. Thanos #1 – 81,356
  8. Heroes In Crisis #8 – 79,512
  9. Web of Venom Cult of Carnage #1 – 77,722
  10. Amazing Spider-Man #20 – 76,903

Let’s finish out the month.

April 17th Books

Naomi #4 – 19,282

Hot series that still holds a potential long term spec value after we saw the first 3 issues heat up but have cooled off since.

Naomi #4 is still a solid $10.00 book on average. A recent sold auction ended at $14 and change.

Buy and hold or if you can find at cover, flip for a quick double your money.

Knights of the Golden Sun #1 2nd Print – 935

Super small print run, even for a second printing. Knights of the Golden Sun #1 2nd Print reached a peak of $15 but has turned into a solid $8 to $10 book on a good day.

Not a bad pickup if you find them out in the wild.

Major X #2 Noto Variant – 28,152

Major X has some goofy looking Liefeld covers but the variants are the real winners for this one, well, intially.

Major X #2 Noto Variant reached as high as $79.99 on a few pre-sales. I bet those buyers are having buyers FOMO remorse as the most recent sold listing went for a whopping $9.99.

So if you missed out and want the Noto variant for Major X, now’s the time to nab a copy for dirt cheap compared to what retailers likely priced them at.

Star Wars TIE Fighter #1 Character Variant – 30,900

Star Wars TIE Fighter #1 Character Variant are some pretty cool variants introducing some new characters in the Star Wars universe.

Saw some heat initially as a ratio variant, reaching as hight as $39 and $49, it’s now settled back down to be a solid $8 to $10.

If these characters ever make it to the big screen or another Star Wars show, could see these heat up and become more desirable once again. I would totally welcome a TIE Fighter Disney+ streaming show. If done right, would be a really cool take on the TIE Fighters from their perspective.

West Coast Avengers #10 – 13,259

West Coast Avengers #10 heated up due to the new character Alloy being introduced in issue #9.

Sets of both issues reached as high as $50. Recent sales are now putting these at cover or slightly over cover  with issue #9 still being a winner with most sales around the $10 range.

Perhaps this one is a long term hold now rather than short term if the character ever takes off with some organic popularity. If you missed out, now’s the time to buy I say.

Small print run + organic demand initially = Possible valuable book down the road.

War of the Realms War Scrolls #1 – 24,718

The Sorrentino Variant of War of the Realms War Scrolls #1 ended up being a winner I think based on it’s cover art alone.

Maybe I’m missing something but as the cover is cool, I still don’t know why this heated up to to the $25 range briefly.

Recent sales have been anywhere from $5 to $10 now for this variant. The other regular cover is still a cover price book despite most online retailers being sold out.

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4 thoughts on “April 2019 – In Review Part II”

    1. I’d have to say the first print one is failing too in a sense. It’s the only reason the overall print run jumped from 53k to 90k cause retailers chased the variant and didn’t order based on their own customer demand.

      Find cheap and flip but I hope the retailers who over ordered sit on those books for a long long time (cause then we can swoop in on those big discount days to buy dirt cheap). 🙂

  1. The definition for failure here is off the mark. If the books presold and covered the cost of buying the 25 copies to get the variant then there’s no loss at all and enough stock to prevent having to place multiple reorders for later printings to keep the shelf full gets added as a bonus. Even the one’s that don’t presell for extra high prices will sell at some price eventually and with the sales of the later printings non ratio cover kicking in extra $$ while we wait while preventing us from having to order the 3rd Printing heavy, there’s nothing but a win-win situation here. #16 jumped to 90,000 with the 2nd Printings numbers combined since it shipped the same month. As near as I can tell the Comichron doesn’t break down how many of the total are variant covers and how many are later printings. The only 2nd Printing in stock right now at Diamond is for #15. Hopefully enough #16 Second Printings went out the door to stop or delay the need for a Forth Printing. At least for now #16’s Third Printing hasn’t sold out. That’s a good thing, encouraging stores to invest enough to stop or delay the need for later Printings. What the ratio’s are going to be selling for in 10, 20, 30 or 40 years once the supply has dried up and the undercutters are out of the picture is anyone’s guess but resell value isn’t the only determining factor in what makes people pay for something and frequently not the most important.

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