April 2019 – In Review Part II

April 24th Books

Amber Blake #2 – 2,489

Sold out online with another hard to find Nodet variant that saw some pre-sales heat up to the $100 range again.

Amber Blake #2 is still selling well.

The Nodet is still a solid $40 book while the most recent regular cover went for around $15.

The regular cover for issue #1 is selling just as well. Sets are going as high as $30 which puts the regulars around $15 each.

GI Joe Sierra Muerte #3 Swaid Variant – 4,932

GI Joe Sierra Muerte #3 Swaid Variant is a solid $20 to $30 book. If you can find them cheap as they’re a 1:10 variant, buy and flip.

Ghost Tree #1 – 4,847

Ghost Tree #1 was mentioned in a back in stock alert post. Sadly within minutes it was sold out, even limited to 1 per customer. Either a bunch jumped on board or they had limited stock available.

This one quickly became a $15 book initially though but has since settled down. But it has seen a 2nd print and you can pre-order the Ghost Tree #1 (3rd Printing) which comes out June 26th along with Ghost Tree #2 (2nd Printing) as well when Ghost Tree #3 (Cover A – Gane) hits store shelves.

Hot series seeing sellouts based on organic grown popularity. This one has potential long term I think. IDW certainly has a winner with this title.

Immortal Hulk #16 1:25 Second Print – ??

Immortal Hulk #16 1:25 Variant is a solid $35 book. Midtown is still trying to offload their copies for $75.

Not sure what Marvel is thinking or why retailers would give into these 2nd print ratio books but I don’t think it’s going as planned. Well, for those retailers who chased these the publishers are winning.

If you can find for cover or cheap, great flip potential but I don’t think these have legs to stand on for the long term.

Marvel Rising #2 Ganucheau Variant – 9,485

Marvel Rising #2 sold out quickly online but I hope you all didn’t fall for this book at the 1:25 ratio price retailers listed this one at as most sales put this as a $5 book.

If you’re a fan and want a cheap ratio, the secondary market is where you should buy.

Just like the Marvel Rising #1 Peach Momoko Variant that was hyped up and even saw sales over $100 range. Hope no one bought into that hype train as you can even find these for $30 or less now.

Naomi #1 – 6,100, #2 – 5,381 and #3 – 5,111 Final Printings

Issues #2 and #3 are still available at Midtown. Naomi #1 Final Print is not seeing the same love as the other additional printings.

You can find all these at cover or slightly above cover price. If you’re looking to create a complete set and missing any, now’s the time to buy these. Long term could still make these sought after if the character remains hot and DC plans to make her prominent in the DC universe.

Punk Mambo #1 – 18,773

I’m only mentioning this next one due to the fact that it caused this characters first appearance heat up in Shadowman.

Shadowman #13 heated up as first appearance while #16 heated up being her first cover appearance.

You can find almost all the covers available for Punk Mambo #1

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge #1 Attraction Variant – 30,129

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge #1 Attraction Variant prices are all over the place. A recent sold went for $24.99 while many other recents were between $4 to $10.

Still a great variant to nab. Could be one for the personal collection and a long term hold.

That’s it for your April 2019 in review. If I missed anything, create a comment or it’s very likely the book is still available at your local retailers.

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4 thoughts on “April 2019 – In Review Part II”

    1. I’d have to say the first print one is failing too in a sense. It’s the only reason the overall print run jumped from 53k to 90k cause retailers chased the variant and didn’t order based on their own customer demand.

      Find cheap and flip but I hope the retailers who over ordered sit on those books for a long long time (cause then we can swoop in on those big discount days to buy dirt cheap). 🙂

  1. The definition for failure here is off the mark. If the books presold and covered the cost of buying the 25 copies to get the variant then there’s no loss at all and enough stock to prevent having to place multiple reorders for later printings to keep the shelf full gets added as a bonus. Even the one’s that don’t presell for extra high prices will sell at some price eventually and with the sales of the later printings non ratio cover kicking in extra $$ while we wait while preventing us from having to order the 3rd Printing heavy, there’s nothing but a win-win situation here. #16 jumped to 90,000 with the 2nd Printings numbers combined since it shipped the same month. As near as I can tell the Comichron doesn’t break down how many of the total are variant covers and how many are later printings. The only 2nd Printing in stock right now at Diamond is for #15. Hopefully enough #16 Second Printings went out the door to stop or delay the need for a Forth Printing. At least for now #16’s Third Printing hasn’t sold out. That’s a good thing, encouraging stores to invest enough to stop or delay the need for later Printings. What the ratio’s are going to be selling for in 10, 20, 30 or 40 years once the supply has dried up and the undercutters are out of the picture is anyone’s guess but resell value isn’t the only determining factor in what makes people pay for something and frequently not the most important.

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