Mel V.’s Variants of the Week for June 19, 2019

What Up CHU Mel V back with your weekly Variant Picks for 6/19. There have been a lot of light weeks this year, that kind of concerns me, but my wallet is happy, so it’s a balance out.This week seems like it will be pretty good for a sneaky winner

Aquaman Vol 6 #49 Cover B Variant Joshua Middleton Cover – The Return of a familiar name ..Josh Middleton makes his return to my Variants of the Week article, with a pretty sweet Aquaman. Its not too much going on, just a cool peaceful piece

Batman Vol 3 #73 Cover B Variant Ben Oliver Cover – GREAT COVER. I’m adding this as a cover of the year candidate… T-Shirt Worthy. GREAT WORK Mr Oliver

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 5 #6 Cover B Variant Gerald Parel Marvels 25th Tribute Cover – As y’all know, I very rarely add the Marvel theme of the month covers to my variants of the week unless they are exceptional..well I’m adding this one cause I find it quite exceptional

Red Sonja And Vampirella Meet Betty And Veronica #2 Cover J Incentive Laura Braga Virgin Cover – Here we have some possible sleepers.. Certain Archie books have started to garner attention for certain reasons.. I believe this fits that mold. The art is great on this variant, also possibly under ordered this is a 1:30 ratio.

Red Sonja And Vampirella Meet Betty And Veronica #2 Cover K Incentive Dan Parent Virgin Cover – 1:40 ratio. I can’t imagine a lot of stores getting 40 of these to qualify. Dan Parent covers are always a good buy when low print runs come into play. Shout out to my buddy Gary Nusser over at The Comic DeSPECtive on Mewe who I Agree with on this Spec

Star Wars Vol 4 #67 Cover C Variant Rafael Albuquerque Greatest Moments Cover – One of, if not the most iconic moments in Star Wars lore. How can you not love this if you are a Star Wars fan

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      1. Think it’s episode 11 it one of the latter episodes. It’s in Trish’s moms house. Episode #11 is called AKA Hellcat so that’s probably the one.

  1. Not only was that Vader scene one of the greatest Star Wars scenes of all time, Id put it down as one of the greatest cinematic scenes of all time.

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