Another Wednesday Winner – No One Left To Fight #1 from Dark Horse

There has been another Wednesday Winner from this past week and it was Dark Horse’s new No One Left To Fight #1.

Sales are averaging around the $10 range and starting to flirt in the $20 range currently on eBay. Small print run mixed with a likely great read is making this one heat up with a bit of demand.

Seek them out and flip’em. As of writing, TFAW still has these available at cover price: No One Left to Fight #1

You can also pre-order No One Left to Fight #2 and No One Left to Fight #3 as well. Might not be bad pickups to sell as a set or to read.

13 thoughts on “Another Wednesday Winner – No One Left To Fight #1 from Dark Horse”

  1. Only 207 left in stock. A small print run but not micro. Btw I liked the book and have the next 2 on per order.

      1. I believe tfaw and dark horse are affiliated in some way. That is why they always have a large inventory of Dark Horse Comics.

          1. Not maybe, they are Dark Horse.
            “Although when Mike originally started TFAW, he meant to write and illustrate a children’s book in his spare time, what he ended up doing was starting up the third-largest comic book publisher in the nation, Dark Horse Comics, in the back room of one of our stores. So yeah, we’ve got that going for us.”

            1. That gives them better pricing and stocking on Dark Horse products as well as no incentive to push or enhance other publishers lines as well as sensible reasons to discount heavier on them to lower secondary prices and reduce future demand so more money can go towards other items like their own.
              Hands in the cookie jar so to speak.

    1. F$#@ Aubrey Sitterson. He made his feelings clear in a Tweet where he made a public call for stores to get books in the hands of readers and not speculators. As if the two are mutually exclusive…🙄

      1. You can’t blame the creators who want their books to go to readers first and not speculators who sell at higher prices to potential readers. We have to remember, most writers and creators want to share their stories, not just cater the collector market that sells their stories at a premium.

        It’s all a matter of education to creators that speculators do more good than harm for books. If we just resort to tactics of F$#@ whoever… then we’re not doing the speculators any justice in our role in this market.

        That’s just my two cents though..

        1. Well said Pogo. I agree.
          But I don’t think speculators help the single issue market. If fans can’t get an issue they usually wait for the trade or just don’t buy the comic. There’s variables for sure but I think that’s how it usually goes.

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