The White Trees #1 Sneak Peek Preview

The White Trees hits shelves this Wednesday August 14th. It’s a new book out by Chip Zdarsky, Chris Anka and Matt Wilson.

This was a great read and left me wanting to read the next issue. It’s a slightly over-sized issue as I believe this is just a two issue series. I must say that there’s some sexual scenes that not everyone will enjoy (those are later in the story, nothing in this preview), as it’s very Saga like in a sense. What do you expect though from Chip, the guy who drew Sex Criminals.

Here’s your advance sneak peek preview.

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2 thoughts on “The White Trees #1 Sneak Peek Preview”

  1. Humm…they made a map and all. Chances are if this is a success they do an ongoing series with it later on,

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