Young Justice This November – Here Comes Naomi

Seems there is some early chatter for the upcoming Young Justice hitting shelves in November with an appearance by Naomi after a Bendis tweet today.

This might be the official issue that Naomi joins Young Justice in issue #10.

Could be a semi key book if she does indeed join the team and the more appearances she makes, only makes her first appearance and series that more important.

Definitely a series and character to keep a close watch on.

You can follow the forums thread that inspired this post where some of the latest news can get posted before they make it here on the main site.

4 thoughts on “Young Justice This November – Here Comes Naomi”

  1. she just guest starring in an issue or 2 just like action comics, there doing this until season 2 of her series comes out

  2. I think bendis has plans for her.and d.c. wants her to be an all star.but time will tell.#testify blind adam out

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