Advance Review Special Report: F.O.C. 2/3/20

So it looks like Marvel snuck in a few new PDFs late Monday. Lets give a quick recap of what they were:

Ant-man #2 : With the introduction of the three Bug people in issue #1, we have their first full appearance in this issue. And if that wasn’t enough, we get a recap of Swarms Origin which includes how these three were created. Then to top it all off, we are introduced to Macrothrax, the leader of this gang of bugs. Of course this new villain wants to use Ant-mans tech to rule the world.

Force Works 2020 #1: Its the rise of the machines. join war machine, mocking bird , US Agent and Quake as they head off on an adventure that begins on an island full of Deathloks. This first issue has a lot of action mixed with some story.

Star #2 : Star and the Scarlet witch are off looking for answers while others plot to take Stars Reality stone. Wanda explains to Star that her stone is messing with Wandas powers. They fight off some shadow monsters and Wanda explains that they are searching for a dragon. The ending shows us just who these strangers are … The return of the Black Order!

Black Panther #21  : A space battle, lots of talking, a Symbiote type suit. This issue was all Black and white, its hard to distinguish who is what and where.

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