Advance Reviews for F.O.C. 3/9/20

Welcome to another edition of Advance Reviews before Final Order Cutoff. What an interesting week it has been. Seems the only thing on peoples mind is Punchline, and who can blame them? S/he is a hot topic right now and making the speculators who flip quickly some decent profit. So lets dive into these quick and brief reviews and see whats in store for us this week for books on FOC.

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Final Order Cutoff, Reprints and Indies, Oh My!

Here we go folks, Marvel has put these titles back on the F.O.C. bandwagon in the hopes to boost their orders.

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Advance Reviews for FOC 1/13/20

Welcome to my advance reviews where we review some of the comics from FOC on January 13th, 2020.  Yes these were FOC on Monday, so your shops can no longer pre-order but these are reviews based on advanced readings of the issues.

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Fourth Ant-Man TV spot hits the air

The fourth trailer for Marvel’s Ant-man has hit the air. Check it out after the jump Continue reading “Fourth Ant-Man TV spot hits the air”

Extended Ant-man trailer drops

This looks almost similar to the one that played in front of Avengers Age of Ultron, but here is the second trailer for Ant-man. Actually looking forward to this. Continue reading “Extended Ant-man trailer drops”

Marvel Premiere 47 and 48 Bronze Age heating up

With the big news involving the Ant-Man movie casting coming out, that Scott Lang will be in the movie, prices quickly shot up on Lang’s first appearances as Ant-Man. The first appearance, Marvel Premiere #47 has been going for as high as $60 on eBay in vf+ to nm. Continue reading “Marvel Premiere 47 and 48 Bronze Age heating up”