Speculation Corner for February 17th, 2020

We had all sorts of  rumors and speculation over the past week. Its time to sit back and disseminate the information and discuss what we think, so sit back and put your Tin Foil Hats on.

Producers of the fan favorite Netflix show Lucifer, are in talks with Netflix for a 6th season.

Rumors are circulating again that Namor will be the villain for Black Panther 2. Previous rumors were that Marvel was introducing Doctor Doom with the plot that he was going to try and take over Wakanda.

With the slight nod to Namor in Endgame (underwater quake) we feel that Namor is a strong candidate. Time will tell.

Neil Gaiman’s THE SANDMAN will begin shooting around May 2020. It is set to air on Netflix sometime next year. So far we know that the format will be 10 Episodes with each being about an hour long.

Spider-Woman speculation exploded over the last week. Rumors are that Sony is developing this project with Jessica Drew as Spider-Woman. After this hit the world wide web, the internet crashed and Al Gore had to go into his garage to reboot the system.

The entire plot of the upcoming Morbius movie was revealed on Reddit earlier this week. While I’m taking it with a grain of salt, if this leak is true, then it really is one hell of a movie. WARNING . This is a HUGE spoiler – You can read the post here.  This link takes you to the reddit post for the spoiler.

As a side bonus, we have a list of the upcoming Marvel projects that are both on our rumor radar and those that are confirmed.

Ms. Marvel: Starts Filming August 2020

She-Hulk: Starts Filming August 2020

Moon Knight: TBD Starts Filming Fall 2020-Early 2021

Hawkeye: TBD Starts Filming Summer-Fall 2020

Ant-Man 3: Starts Filming Jan 2021

Black Panther 2: Starts Filming March 2021

Captain Marvel 2: TBD

Blade: TBD

Deadpool 3: TBD

Fantastic Four Reboot: TBD

X-Men Reboot: TBD

20 thoughts on “Speculation Corner for February 17th, 2020”

  1. In order for Namor to be in Black Panther 2 they would have to give the estate of Bill Everett close to half the films gross. Marvel almost cut Spidey loose from the MCU because the horrible deal they were getting from Sony, so highly doubt Marvel is looking to give away 500+ million from Black Panther 2 to use Namor. So Marvel can use Namor but in comes with a stiff price.

    1. i’ll suggest you are wrong on the Everett payments. ” Take X (a nice amount) or we will re-write the script and use a different character and you get nothing”. Estates always grub for money. they have no loyalty to the character as the creator would have

      1. Very valid point as well. There’s always a contract negotiation… the whole, take it or leave it, we’ll making millions without your copyrighted character…

        1. The way I could see it getting done is they allow his crossover MCU appearances to be free in exchange for a trilogy at their current or slightly lower percentage.

          1. I couldn’t see Namor getting his own trilogy. Yes he’s played a huge part in the Marvel Universe but I don’t see him being a headlining type of character.

  2. There is a story were Tiger Shark leads Atlantis to War against Wakanda. Tiger Shark would make more sense than Namor because he has an animal name like Black Panther and his first villain from the first movie the Golden Jaguar. Also you wouldn’t have to pay anything to use him.

  3. The more I see Agents of Atlas getting intertwined with Atlantis, the more I think that they could use that as an inroad to introduce Namor. Also speaking of Agents of Atlas, Busiek will be using Aero and introducing two new characters in his upcoming Marvels book. I still grab those regular cover Agents of Atlas1 whenever I find them. As Marvel starts to regularly jump back and forth between its Disney+ platform and MCU movies I could even see a movie like Shang Chi throwing in a Sword Master appearance that would then jump into a series. It gives you an instant built-in audience that you might not otherwise get for a new or fairly obscure character.

  4. I want to know why Namor is being speculated on? Has there been any news regarding the character, from a legitimate news source? Or is this just pointing out obvious directions that the movie could potentially move in? If it is the latter, then Alanas Tiger Shark guess is just as valid as anything else, so, why aren’t we highlighting Tiger Shark here too?

    If the MCU keeps on being successful, all these characters, newly acquired by Disney or not, will make it on screen eventually. Of course Doom and Namor and the FF and Mutants will be coming to the MCU. They all have a rich history of stories that tie them all together in numerous ways.

    Speculation is great, but it needs to be rooted in some sort of fact. Otherwise it’s just guessing what stories will be told and with what characters. Literally anyone can do the latter. The former…not so much.

    1. It’s all bs rumors. No legit sites are reporting this. This rumor either comes from 4chan or some wannabe comic news source.

      1. No, it is neither. However there are some credible (proven over and over again) Hollywood guys who like to leak. These guys have been leaking a lot about Disney related properties. I have personally released information they have tipped off and it has been spot on. This is a speculation site, in most cases if we are using another source we will give them credit or quote them and link to them. But some people (insiders, store owners, and some others) that do not want to be quoted or linked back to. In those cases (such as this) no, we will not turn over the emails or provide our user names and passwords to their private sites so you can go and verify things. In the end, take the speculation for speculation, and believe it or don’t. Sadly, that is the best I can say.

        1. No one needs any passwords or account information. That is a bit extreme. A simple name would suffice. Last week’s article mentioned the sources, and the other highlights in this article cited the sources.

          Speculation is nice, but it’s even better when the information provided can be cross referenced by the reader. Otherwise it’s just some dudes guess work. And even a broken clock is right twice a day.

          1. Again, it depends on the source. Some of them are legit sites that you need to gain access on them. Clearly, we do not want to put it out there and have every other site accessing the same sources. Feel free to hit me up via DM on the forum and we can talk about it more. Literally though if you wanted to verify you would need a user name and password though. This is a person/site that many in the media (deadline and the likes) use for rumors/speculation on what is coming.

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