Throwback Thursday

Last week we got thrown back in discovering Frank Millers first work on Daredevil, a character he ended up boosting the popularity of at Marvel and in the Marvel Universe with his awesome artwork and writing. So in the spirit of firsts for creators, we go back to 1987.

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Speculation Corner for February 17th, 2020

We had all sorts of  rumors and speculation over the past week. Its time to sit back and disseminate the information and discuss what we think, so sit back and put your Tin Foil Hats on.

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Likes and Dislikes for the Week of August 15th, 2018

It’s that time once again to let the CHU followers in on what’s really grinding my gears this week.

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Bryan Singer confirms plans for Fantastic Four to crossover with X-Men

Fox, say what you will, has two of Marvel’s big film properties and has no plans to release them back to Marvel. Wth that being said, word came out that Bryan Singer has confirmed plans to have the two groups cross-over in a film.  Continue reading “Bryan Singer confirms plans for Fantastic Four to crossover with X-Men”

Petition to save the X-Men

Marvel is essentially doing away with their most popular character, The X-Men. As Scarlet Witch said “no more mutants”, seems Marvel is finally moving in that direction and not just for a cross over event. 
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Gambit Movie in the works

Hope everyone had a good Halloween. I am finally rested from taking my kids trick-or-treating and dressing up as a spooky scarecrow and sitting in the graveyard scene in my front yard and scaring the older kids. But I digress, Marvel is back with more movie news. Deadline is reporting that Fox is set to start writing a Gambit movie. Continue reading “Gambit Movie in the works”