Spoilers: Batman #93 – Who Is The Designer?

Is anyone having CHU spoiler withdrawal symptoms? Didn’t realize how much I miss them myself. Maybe some quick spoilers will help cheer you up since all new comic news sort of ceased since the COVID-19 shutdowns of businesses.

So I’ve spoiled the Harley vs Punchline pages from Batman #93 a couple of weeks back. By now we were suppose to have Batman #92 in our hands but due to the Diamond shutdown and current government lockdowns, who’s to know when these will reach the masses.

Regardless, here’s the few panes where we learn the true identity of new guy that calls himself The Designer that was waiting for Batman in his own study in Wayne Manor at the end of Batman #92 that was spoiled a few weeks back as well.

Continue to see the unseen spoilers now..

Spoilers follow. If you don’t like spoilers, why’d you click this far? Perhaps check out the CHU forums for some comic discussions..

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2 thoughts on “Spoilers: Batman #93 – Who Is The Designer?”

    1. Possibly.. but then again, we don’t know what happens later. Like I said, this is comics, in Eminem style.. “Will the real The Designer please stand up?” 😉

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