Lost Soliders #1 – Sneak Peek Preview

This is a new number one coming out from Image Comics with Ales Kot writing about the Vietnam War. As a war story junkie, it’s on the check out list as I have yet to read the full issue, from the preview pages I’ve gathered here for you it’s promising.

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Batman #94 Reveal the Designer Identity?

So DC put out a DC Previews that has spoiler pages for a bunch of their books coming out in the coming weeks. The first one is Batman #94 where it seems this could be the identity reveal of The Designer.

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DISTORTED Is Coming This Winter From Scout Comics!

Something is making the Distorted go insane. Everywhere in the world, there is someone different, special, cursed, who is losing their mind right now. They are extraordinary, dangerous, and must be kept under control.

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It Eats What Feeds It #1 – Advanced Sneak Peek Preview

Scout Comics apparently was busy during this lockdown, still pumping out a lot of new titles that really have grabbed my attention.

It Eats What Feeds it is one of those new titles hitting shelves in June and here’s a sneak peek preview. I dove into this title with zero anticipation and ended up really enjoying it, being an advanced review copy of the entire 3 issue mini-series. I really enjoyed the interior artwork as well.

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Bog Bodies Graphic Novel – Advanced Sneak Peek Preview

I love original graphic novels and since I missed my weekly trades picks this week, I figured I’d give everyone a sneak peek preview of the new Bog Bodies Graphic Novel coming out from Image Comics in April.

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Mirka Andolfo’s Mercy #1 – Sneak Peek Preview

You really give creators due credit when they not only write but draw and color their own stories. That’s exactly what Mirka Andolfo does and after getting an advanced review of this weeks new Mercy #1 hitting shelves, I’m hooked.

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FOC Review: Strange Academy #1

Greetings all! Today we are reviewing  Strange Academy #1   . Marvel has been showcasing these new characters with previews in this weeks new books, But we have read an advanced copy of the issue. Continue to the review….

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Preview: Red Border #1 from AWA Studios

AWA Studios is gearing up to release their first books in the new comic line. Some of the titles can be seen in the Upshot Now books being released to comic stores. Here is a preview of the upcoming horror series Red Border#1 coming out March 13.

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Tartarus #1 Advanced Sneak Peek Preview from Image Comics

Tartarus #1 hits stands February 12th, 2020 but I got my hands on an advanced preview copy.

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Protector #1 – Image Comics – Advanced Sneak Peek Preview

This is a book I’ve been looking forward to myself. Protector #1 hits shelves at the end of January from Image Comics and writer Simon Roy (Prophet) with some awesome cover art by James Stokoe.

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Dead Eyes #4 – Sneak Peek 10 Page Preview

Dead Eyes #4 is out tomorrow and since this started out as Dead Rabbit over a year ago with a few issues released before being yanked over rights to the name, we are now in new material with each release.

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Dollhouse Family – DC Black Label’s Hillhouse Preview

This sampler preview should be hitting shelves this week I think but here’s what’s inside for the Dollhouse 6 page preview, just like the Basketful of Heads we previewed already.

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Trees Three Fates #1 – Sneak Preview

Here’s another more advanced sneak preview of the next story arc from Warren Ellis’s and Jason Howard’s Trees series, titled Trees Three Fates, hitting shelves this Wednesday September 11th, 2019.

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