Swamp Thing #67 Hellblazer Preview

This one is thanks to Shaun L at the google+ comic book speculation community.
While people are searching out Key Hellblazer books before the start of the Constanine Tv show they are missing out on one. Continue reading “Swamp Thing #67 Hellblazer Preview”

Jacen Solo in Star Wars Sequels?

Bleeding Cool ran a cool bit of news about the Star Wars sequels. It involves rumored characters that may be in the upcoming movies that we posted about in March, lending credence to it. Continue reading “Jacen Solo in Star Wars Sequels?”

SOLD OUT New #1 and #2 Comics for January 8 2014 Release Week

Article by comic book historian Terry Hoknes of www.HoknesComics.com – hoknes@hotmail.com
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This column is here to help promote brand new comic book series.
This weekly article shows how popular the titles are and how close they are to selling out at Diamond.
This will give retailers and collectors a heads up with a reminder of books you want to make sure you get immediately!!
Sometimes books don’t sell out immediately so its worth taking a look back at series that came out in the past few months !
Comics can sell out very quickly so some titles on this list will be more valuable instantly the day of release !
Keep in mind that with 1500 comic stores if even just 20% of stores re-ordered just 1 copy each that would be 300 more copies sold instantly so a book can easily sell out within minutes if the book gets some buzz and/or good response from readers! Continue reading “SOLD OUT New #1 and #2 Comics for January 8 2014 Release Week”

Number 13 from Dark Horse Movie coming

The news flying out of SDCC has been fast and furious. While I was driving home my iPhone was lighting up with tips that Dark Horse Comics ‘Number 13’ was not only picked up for a movie, but they released the trailer at the Dark Horse Black panel.

You can see the trailer for yourself at http://number13.info/ and I can say it looks pretty awesome. Kind of reminds me of the special effects of The Returner.

Of course, get the books before they blow up. Number 13 on eBay get them while they are cheap

Number 13 #0

Number 13 #1

Number 13 #2

Number 13 #3