Poyo’s Spec and Drek for May 27th, 2020

Welcome to my own weekly spec which includes my weekly drek picks. I pick what I think will be winners, not only if you make money by flipping but winners as in either a great read or just awesome art.

Then there’s the pesky drek, the comic you should avoid altogether or not fall into the buying every variant trap.

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Darth Vader #3 sold out and going to reprint

If there wasn’t enough reason to pick up Darth Vader #3, besides the introduction of a new character as well as some new droids, unconfirmed rumors are saying that Darth Vader #3 is sold out.
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Darth Vader #3: Wednesday's can't miss

This is one book to keep an eye out on well before it is released. Make sure to secure your copy before Wednesday. Many online retailers are already sold out of all covers, mostly due to the introduction of a bad-ass new character, Darth Vader #3 is Wednesday’s can’t miss comic.

When a Dark Lord needs help, who can he turn to? Meet Aphra-the galaxy’s foremost raider of lost weaponry! Plus: could these be the deadly droids she’s looking for?

Darth Vader #3, out this Wednesday is a sure sell out at your local comic. Also, try to snatch up the Darth Vader #3 1:25 variant as this will be this weeks variant to get.