First March Four Color Grail announced

Four Color Grails is the monthly subscription service that sends out four different variants in a presentation display box each month. Each week they reveal one of the four books that will be out that month. Here is the first May release. Continue reading “First March Four Color Grail announced”

My Little Pony #12 Variant limited to 12 copies

Thanks to Terry Hoknes at for this little tidbit. I know people laugh at kids comics being valuable or collectible, but I can say that I sold a ton of My Little Pony #1 Phantom Variants when they came out. Almost 99% went to adult males, as the Bronie culture (which I am NOT a part of) is so big. I caught a lot of flack from people in stores when I was picking the books up, but when they found out how much money I had been making off them, they picked up a couple too.  Continue reading “My Little Pony #12 Variant limited to 12 copies”