Suicide 5 by Jason Pell and Ryan Howe

I had posted sometime last year about the Kickstarter Jason Pell was doing for a book called Suicide 5. The books have been released to the Kickstarter funders and I was very pleased to get my copy. Continue reading “Suicide 5 by Jason Pell and Ryan Howe”

Suicide 5 gets more press

Within the last few weeks, I ran an interview I did with Jason Pell on his Kickstarter project ‘Suicide 5’. I loved the concept of the book and was very interested in funding it to get the book off the ground. The original interview can be seen here.
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‘Suicide 5’ interview with Jason Pell

We have talked a lot about Kickstarter projects being the breeding ground for hot new comics. We have seen ‘The Outliers’, ‘Watson and Holmes’, ‘Wild Blue Yonder’, ‘Voice in the Dark’, and others take off and become darlings of the secondary market. Some of these have ended up getting major distribution, and the Kickstarter variants being the ones really sought after. One book that is on my radar, ‘Suicide 5’, is being funded now, and for $20 you get the hard cover version. This one is on my radar because it is delightfully twisted in the content of the book.  Continue reading “‘Suicide 5’ interview with Jason Pell”