Dr Who SDCC Variant flip idea

Last one for the night I promise. Two more flipable pre-orderable books coming out of San Diego Comic Con. These are for Dr. Who books from IDW. This show has a huge fan base and could be easy sells.
Doctor Who 10th Doctor #1 and Doctor Who 11th Doctor #1 SDCC Variants are up for pre-order. These San Diego exclusives are disappearing quickly, almost as soon as I get the posts up, so get in quick if you want copies.
10th Dr
11th dr

19 thoughts on “Dr Who SDCC Variant flip idea”

    1. If you are talking about from TFAW site. I think i saw THE LEGENDARY STAR-LORD #1 sdcc 2014 last friday. But it was gone same day.

  1. Gamestop has Starlord 1 Greg Horn variants for 7500 pts. I just ordered mine. If it is as hot as the Spiderman one, this may be a good investment. Used all my points and i’m gonna kick myself if they come out with a Rocket Raccoon one too.

      1. I wouldn’t do it honestly. I did it with the new Amazing Spiderman, and the book was beat to hell. You’ll be lucky if it’s in marketable condition. I wasted 6000 points for nothing.

      2. That’s what I read. Gamestop treats comics as periodicals, not collectors items that need to be secure when shipped.

    1. only reason i knew about it early is because of my daily obsession to find the campbell connecting spiderman 2099 cover. so when my daily search of 2099 came up I saw that SDCC 2014 also.
      Sometimes it’s just dumb luck, sometimes tony gives a nice heads up. Don’t feel bad about work. You can check early in the morning before you go because it seems like tony likes to post later at night.

  2. TRANSFORMERS VS. G.I. JOE #1 connecting covers looks pretty bad ass A & B
    And it also has a cover C wrap around limited to 600 copies. This might be a good one to get…

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