First Appearance of Wytches

If Wytches heats up, as it should, people will want to find the early appearance / first appearance of the book and characters. Here is one still cheap, for now.
The Image expo preview, given out last year, has an early / first appearance of Wytches in a stand alone story that will not appear in the comics.
I is for Image preview was distributed for free at Image Expo, but I secured some copies by ordering SDCC books from TFAW, as well as getting some copies from Midtown as they were free with purchase. I is for Image preview with the Wytches story is one of two similar looking books released last year from Image, the one you are looking for has a black logo. I is for Image preview also has a preview for the upcoming ODY-C book coming out.
The book is going for between $2 and $5

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  1. These are still available on Midtown for free – one per order. I recommend adding one to your order if you’re placing one today. Search for “Image Expo Preview Book 2”.

  2. my last two orders I included this book and the batman #27 free book. The last order I threw in the marvel Mag for free as well!

  3. Quick question…
    The back cover on the Hastings variant is 99% black. The Hastings near me had 6 copies and four were damaged near the bottom staple. The two undamaged copies I bought have oily finger prints on the back cover. Is there a secret in removing or buffing something like this out? The cover stock isn’t heavy like the Skybound books and it’s got that Panzerfaust/Rat Queens paper. I just wanted to try and remove as much as possible and clean them up a bit. Thanks for any insight.

    1. You can find paper cleaner to use to lift the oil and prints off. Then usually a dry small paint brush to wipe away any leftover cleaner debris, etc.

  4. In case you guys interested, I listed wytches signed by Snyder, enormous 1 variant NYCC, Spread variant nycc and a few more on eBay, I don’t have a store but my seller ID is miamicomics18003115
    I started most of the auctions at $0.99
    I let you guys know first cause I read many people around here wanted those books and It would be nice if some fan of wins. 🙂

  5. @ Calpounder
    I’ve also found that a kneaded eraser (aka putty rubber) is a great tool for removing a variety of marks/blemishes from comic book covers. If you pick one of those up, remember to split it in half to make it more manageable (and to last longer). Then, just roll one of the halves into a ball and gently apply to the cover with the slightest of wiping motions to remove surface stains, fingerprints, ink marks. I’ve found that this even works on mostly white comic book covers that have ink stains along the edges from stacking. Lightly pressing the eraser onto the blemished area and slowly peeling back it up from the surface is another reliable method as well. Good luck.

      1. Yea I just wasn’t sure. If the expo came out first then it’s the first appearance in my opinion but if the Diamond Previews holds any original content then I see no reason why it’s not worth picking up. I just can’t imagine the print runs on Diamond Previews are high either. I still think there are many of them that are undervalued but it looks like the market is catching on.

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