7 thoughts on “Spoilers: Powers of X #3”

  1. You have to have read the previous issues to understand what was going on. No offense, but you got a good amount of the details wrong.

    1. I mean… I did warn users on the 3rd page when I stated, “You’ll have to forgive me, I have not read the first 2 issues so I’m not exactly clear of what’s going on myself”….. 😉

  2. Awesome. Can’t wait to grab a couple copies of each cover plus secret variants. Sell a couple and pay for all my comics. Free comics, gotta love it.

    1. So powers of x was all Moira,s ninth life? WhT does that mean for the new characters that were i troduced in this series? The plot thickens

      1. He’ll find some way to reuse them or bring them back again but they don’t appear in the 6 titles “Dawn of X” introduces after this is over. I’m still thinking the Age of X-Man X-Men are coming back to wipe out all the 10th life of Moira Pod grown X-Men in HOX6.

        1. I think the secret variant is what Rasputin and cardinal will come back as. Moira will have fixed that pacifist issue with the later generation mutants.

          I’m guessing there will be a new cast of characters many of which we’ve been seeing on these covers. Like that updated beast or colossus.

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