December Previews 2019 – Small Publisher Spotlight Books

Previews gives us a glimpse of what’s to come. Here’s the spotlight new books coming out of December Previews that kicks off the new 2020 year for the smaller publishers that include Dark Horse, IDW, Image and others.

Dark Horse Books

The Butcher of Paris #3

Pieces of Dr. Marcel Petiot’s past are slowly exposed–revealing harrowing events and actions that peer into the mind of a madman.

As the detectives begin an intense interrogation with the killer’s wife, the Nazi occupation progresses–and the fate of Paris is determined.

Great new series, it’s a definite pickup just for the read.

Kill Whitey Donovan #3

As the third chapter of this thrilling journey unfolds, more history between Hattie and Anna is revealed–but the answers provide little comfort.

Meanwhile, in the present, Tyson draws ever closer, while the distance to Donovan feels farther away than ever.

Kill Whitey Donovan #1 saw some heat after it was announced prior to it’s release that it’s been optioned. Another pickup for the read.

Tomorrow #1

Time Out–Forever In this shocking new sci-fi horror series, a Russian computer virus has jumped the species barrier and wiped out most of the adult population, leaving the world precariously in the hands of the next generation.

In the wake of devastation, musical prodigy Oscar Fuentes is separated from his twin sister Cira. Stranded on opposite sides of the country, they’re swept into rapidly evolving networks of teenage gangs. Can Oscar find his way back to Cira . . . or will they be lost to each other forever, in a dangerous makeshift civilization that is mercilessly replacing the past? 

This sounds interesting, being in computer tech myself for the day job. It’s a must checkout and hopefully doesn’t fall flat since it’s another post apocalyptic type of story.

Skulldigger and Skeleton Boy #3

After murderous lunatic Grimjim crashes the rally of mayoral hopeful Tex Reed in a sufficiently violent manner, the past comes to light, revealing Grimjim’s long-standing vendetta against Tex and Skulldigger’s very personal reasons for wanting Grimjim dead.

Another book out of the world of Black Hammer. Yes please!

Predator: Hunters III #1

Raphael Herrera was a drug runner until the fateful night when his men were wiped out by an unearthly monster.

Now, as part of the Predator Hunters team, Herrera’s worst memory is reborn. Cartel soldiers are being wiped out in the jungles of Central America, and that means the Predators have returned!

This story links back to Dark Horses first Predator series from 1987!

I’m a huge fan of the movies. I must admit, I haven’t read all of the titles but this one got my attention since it’s linking back to some of the earlier series around the time of the first movie, which by far is still the best Predator movie to date.

Hidden Society #1

A new series from Rafael Albuquerque and Rafael Scavone, the team behind Neil Gaiman’s A Study in Emerald!

Hidden from ordinary eyes, there is a world alongside our own full of deities, demons, and danger–where magic wins out over science and dark secrets lie in wait. Ulloo, the last wizard from the Hidden Society, enlists the aid of a blind girl and her demon, a young magician, and a cursed bounty hunter in order to stop a group of nihilist warlocks from waking the Society’s greatest nemesis: a primeval force that, unchecked, will scorch the planet bare of all life.

Could be a entertaining read, could be a dud. I think fans of Harry Potter might enjoy it though.

IDW Books

It’s my only IDW spotlight book out of Previews. Sure there are reader books coming soon but none really worthy of mentioning I think since a few we haven’t even seen issue #1 yet so I’m not gonna spotlight the series until I get a taste of the story first.

However, this pick is a must. 100 pages for $5.99, can’t beat that. 100 pages is like 4 Marvel books in one.

Judge Dredd 100 Page Giant

Take a trip through the rough streets of Mega-City One with the one-and-only Judge Dredd!

Featuring amazing stories from an all-star cast of writers and artists that stretch from the filthy underbelly of Mega-City One to beyond its walls, there’s never been a better place to see what you’ve been missing.

Image Comics

20xx #3

As Nuon’s relationship with Mer grows, so do her conflicted feelings for her mission.

And Mer’s last encounter with the East Side was brief, but the chain reaction it’s sparked may threaten her newfound safety.

I really enjoyed Alex+Ada from Jonathan Luna. I haven’t read issue #1 yet but it’s on the stack to read so this one still makes the cut as I don’t think these will heat up but will certainly be a reader.

Tartarus #1 (Cover A – Cole)

SERIES PREMIERE! A new adventure series with all the sci-fi drama of Breaking Bad set in Mos Eisley!

Promising young cadet Tilde is framed for crimes against the empire after discovering her mother was the ruthless warlord of the deadly colony Tartarus, a vital player in the galactic war. Now, Tilde’s only way home may be to reclaim her mother’s dark crown.

#1 New York Times bestseller JOHNNIE CHRISTMAS (Alien 3) and artistic phenom JACK T. COLE (The Unsound) kick off this ongoing series with 44 big pages of story!

Sounds great, a must check out book.

Undiscovered Country #4 (Cover A – Camuncoli)

All is lost. The world will wither under the Sky pandemic, and the Destiny Man will murder our intrepid explorers before they’ve made it further into the former US than Nevada.

Unless, that is, brilliant journalist Valentina Sandoval can discover one…essential…truth.

The hit new series continues. It’s a slow build up but I expect some great stuff hopefully out of this ongoing series.

Manifest Destiny #41


While some of the Corps seeks comfort with the rabbit-women of the prairie, Lewis and Clark drop a bombshell on Magdalene.

One of my all time favorite Image reads. I really hate the delays though. Might have to stop picking up the floppies and only worry about this one when it’s done, hoping it gets an omnibus or some hardcovers collecting all the issues.

Farmhand #14

Jedidiah panics as the truth of the Jedidiah Seed begins to sprout.

Chew was great.

Rob Guillory is great.

It’s a no brainer pickup.


Gideon Falls #21 (Cover A – Sorrentino)


‘THE PENTOCULUS,’ Part Five-Clara comes face-to-face with the Laughing Man (or maybe it’s face-to-face-to-face-to-face) as Fred and Angie take a leap of faith through the Multiverse!

Great series. It’s Lemire doing what he does best. It’s a must pickup.

After Realm Quarterly #1

From Eisner and Harvey Award-winning Michael Avon Oeming, co-creator of Powers and The United States of Murder and writer of Thor: Ragnarok and Red Sonja, comes The After Realm, a new ongoing extra-length quarterly!

In the aftermath of Ragnarok, Oona, an elven ranger, sets out into the post-apocalyptic chaos to discover the fate of the old gods. But first, she must fulfill an oath to a lost friend that could doom what’s left of the Nine Realms.

This is a definite pick up. Ties to movies and film and writer of Thor Ragnarok, anticipating a great read out of this one.

Family Tree #4

Grandpa Judd and Loretta are close to a reconciliation of sorts just as the crazed and deadly Arborist closes in on their Chinatown hideout.

Another Lemire book. It’s a must.

Bitter Root #6 (Cover A – Greene)

NEW STORY ARC! The critically acclaimed series returns!

Loved ones once thought lost forever have returned, though the bliss of this family reunion doesn’t last for long.

Cullen has changed, and everyone is concerned. But they’ll need all the help they can get, as a new threat has arrived on Earth…

Seems like forever since the last issue. No more delays please, it kills the momentum. You listening to me David Walker and Sanford Greene? I don’t care if you have to work overtime to get these out on time.

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