Speculation Corner: Thunderbolts in the MCU?

We are hearing rumors that the new Falcon and Winter Soldier Disney+ show is setting up the Thunderbolts.

Notable first appearance of the Thunderbolts is in Incredible Hulk #449. Which is the original team created.

During their original formation, the Thunderbolts appeared to help protect the world after the Avengers were presumed dead after the Onslaught crossover event.

It was later revealed that they were villains. There have been several other iterations of Thunderbolts. It will be interesting to see which Thunderbolts Marvel brings to the series.

14 thoughts on “Speculation Corner: Thunderbolts in the MCU?”

    1. I’ve never seen, read or heard of that website myself, doubt I recall Doctor Claw mentioning any website by such name.

      How does one source something they’ve never even seen? 😉

    2. I call them “rumors” because they are not officially from Marvel. My info comes from a source that I pay for.

  1. Also maybe keep an eye on Thunderbolts Prelude #1 One Shot.

    Exact reprint of Hulk #449 issued by American Entertainment I believe with a new cover and only 5000 print run.

    Already sells for a premium… just saying!

    And before some whiner tells me to stop pumping comics, I do not own that comic, I simply saw it while looking for a copy of Hulk #449


    1. Pumping and dumping.. yeah BABY!!!

      I kid.. I don’t own any Thunderbolts books currently. Heck, I don’t even have any Incredible Hulk books around this time frame.

      1. Well 5000 copies may be low by 1997 standards, but it’s a lot more than most variant covers are printed these days….especially the incentives.

        Copies seems to hover around $10 on eBay….so maybe if you find it in a dollar bin it’s flippable….

  2. If they do make an official announcement that the Thunderbolts will make their way to the MCU I will be happy…Just hope they do them justice! Fingers crossed!

  3. BTW, not sure who this Dr. Claw guy is putting out all these speculation tips (can’t click on his name to get more info…he has a weird badge too)…but I’ll figure it out eventually…?

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