Jupiter’s Legacy Netflix Trailer Released

The trailer the for upcoming Netflix show based on the Mark Millar comic series, Jupiter’s Legacy, has been released online. Let us know what you think in the comments. Continue reading “Jupiter’s Legacy Netflix Trailer Released”

Y Last Man – FX Hulu – Key Characters + Their Appearances

This is an article I wrote way back when news broke with a teaser image they sent out. Seems like this is still in the works (news of the pilot wrapping up) so I’m going to revive my original article that highlights all the key books coming out of Y: The Last Man which if done right, could see some of it’s books (outside from the first issue which as a ton of the main character firsts) pop in value as the characters within are introduced.

Y: The Last Man from Vertigo Comics and the great writer Brian K. Vaughn is coming to life on our screens from FX networks.

This series ran for 60 issues and has a huge cast of characters within the story line.

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