Advance Reviews F.O.C. 2/3/20

It’s a slower week for advanced previews that are available. Keep reading to see what we have as we don’t anticipate any more PDF’s to be made available.

Amethyst #1 (of 6)

This miniseries follows teenager Amy Winston-a.k.a. Princess Amethyst-as she returns to her magical kingdom to celebrate her 16th birthday. When she gets there she discovers that everyone is missing.  She goes and asks the neighboring kingdom but they refuse to help.

Finger Guns #1

This is a story about two teens that discover they can manipulate people using their fingers. It’s an interesting premise but a slow start as the first issue details when the teens meet and we discover some of their early home life.

Falcon & Winter Soldier #1

This was a good read. It had a little of everything in it. Some mystery, some violence and a first appearance. This was a solid #1 issue with potential. For the 1st appearance, it seems this character could stick around for the duration of the mini-series. Beyond this series however is up in the air for the new character. Doesn’t stop us from speculating on the new character.

Avengers of the Wasteland #2

HOLY %&$@!!!! I originally thought Ed Brissons writing was a little slow in the beginning, but this issue changes it all. We have action, story telling and an origin story! I know a few of our regulars are debating first appearances in other comments, but Avengers of the Wasteland #1 is worth a pick up if this character becomes HOT . Issue #1 1:50 is still very affordable on eBay) Hint, he’s the one with a shield. Either way it could be a long term hold for speculators.

Fantastic Four Grimm Noir #1

Ben is having nightmares, seeing things. A singer gets kidnapped and Ben describes what it looks like to Alicia so she can sculpt it. Ben shows the bust to people but its Wong who identifies it as D’Spayre. Was an interesting read.

Scream Curse of Carnage #4

In this issue, Big Mother makes her return and she has a lot to say to Scream. Lots of references to Knull and the end times. There is a Flash back with Thor. Felt like a recap of Captain Marvel 20. 

Tarot #3

There is a lot of mash-ups of characters in this issue. Different realities and different versions of the Avengers and The Defenders. The stand out 1st appearance of this issue though is The Unbelievables.  No secret here, they are on the cover of both the standard and the 1:50 variant. 5 characters make up this team. Will they be popular enough to warrant more exposure? Only time will tell.

Angel & Spike #9

Its the age of the Hellmouth and things are out in the night. A creepy demon dude bites a boy and sets in motion Angel and the detective to meet. Spike isn’t asking for forgiveness, just to help do good. I feel like I’m watching Angel all over again. There is a nice F.O.C. cover pictured below.

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