Speculation Corner: 2/9/20

Talk about a weekend full of rumors and speculation. We have a lot to discuss, so sit back and put your Tin Foil Hats on.

The weekend started with rumors of Disney+ Agents of SWORD plot details. Sources indicate that this would be a “Secret Invasion” type show dealing with the Kree and Skrulls here on earth. The show would take place just after Endgame but before Captain Marvel 2 and focus on SWORD. It has been widely rumored that such a Series was in development, But getting details of the possible plot helps in terms of speculation.

Superhero Buzz’s Mikey Sutton is circulating the rumor that Marvel president Kevin Feige is lining up an X-Men character to be the villain in Captain Marvel 2. Specifically Rogue of the X-Men. To add credibility to this rumor, Some have speculated that the flag of Madripoor has been seen on the set of the Falcon and Winter Soldier. Thus laying the groundwork for Mutants to be introduced into the MCU.

If this is indeed true, the possible key issues would include ( but not limited too):

Marvel Super-Heroes Vol. 2 #11 – Rogue Absorbs Ms Marvels Powers

Avengers Annual #10 – Rogues First Appearance

Uncanny X-Men #170-171 – Rogue joins the X-Men in 171

Word is that the popular Game, Borderlands, is being made into a movie. A rough Casting draft with descriptions of the parts has been leaked. This cites Craig Mazin (Chernobyl, The Hangover Pt 2) as the writer. The logline reads: A group of courageous adventurers land on the planet of Pandora, a barren wasteland filled with dangerous creatures, in search of a
mysterious relic.

Roles include ( But not limited too) : Lilith (Lead Female Age 35), Claptrap ( Supporting Male 30-50), Tiny Tina ( Supporting Female 13), Krieg ( Supporting Male 20-40), Roland (Supporting Male 50), Tannis ( Supporting Female 60), DEUKALIAN ATLAS (Supporting Male 50-60), Commander Steele ( Supporting Female 45), Krom ( Supporting Male 40-49)

Key issues for this series are: Borderlands Origins #1-4 

There is also a Gamestop Variant: Borderlands #1 Roland

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  1. uncanny X-Men #158 is a rogue apprance as well. and mickey Sutton is a first class clownshoe #testify love ya all blind adam out

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