Throwback Thursday

Last week we got thrown back in discovering Frank Millers first work on Daredevil, a character he ended up boosting the popularity of at Marvel and in the Marvel Universe with his awesome artwork and writing. So in the spirit of firsts for creators, we go back to 1987.

The book we focus in on is Alpha Flight #51. What’s so special about this issue?

Well, if you’re a Jim Lee fan, this was his first work done at Marvel that kicked off his career.

Jim Lee has been an established artist for many decades, starting his career at Marvel and became well known for his Punisher War Journal work and cover art; then went on to gain popularity with his work on X-Men.

For such a well known and established artist who is now at DC Comics, Alpha Flight is at what most would consider bargain prices.

Alpha Flight #53 was his first cover art which none other has Wolverine on the cover.

You can still find his first cover art for pretty cheap as well. These are musts I think for any Jim Lee fan.

He’s come a long way since these early days. From Marvel he went on to help establish Image Comics and to this day, I thought WildC.A.T.S. #2 prism cover was just the coolest cover ever when it first hit comic shop stands.

It was one of those books I’d end up checking each month in Wizard Magazine to see if the value went up or not. It’s one of the few books I do believe survived the teenage purge of books of mine and is still in my personal collection.

Tell us if you’re a Jim Lee fan in the comments. If you are, what’s your favorite Jim Lee cover or art whether it’s from his time at Marvel, DC or Image? That’s this weeks Throwback!

13 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday”

  1. The cover that stands out to me the most is Uncanny X-Men 268. I actually have it slabbed in CGC 9.6.

    But his Batman Hush run is my favorite series of covers and collection of work.

  2. For me, a tie between Punisher War Journal #7 and X-men #4. I always skew toward his Wolverine covers. Besides Frank Miller, I think the best to depict him.

  3. punisher war journal s#6&7uncann7y x men #257 batman #612 all the hush run . superman #204 and wildcats #2 as it paid my way through senior year of high school and paid for my homecoming dance outing that night was #awesomesauce and i will always love gen 13 s#0-5 as Fairchild needs cost play love love ya all blind adam out

  4. For me it is Batman #608 2nd print. That cover has become iconic! Just beautiful! When it came out I usually didn’t collect 2nd prints but the cover just grabbed me! There was a stack of about 15 on the stand at my local comic shop the day it came out. Oh, how I wish I picked more than one! Who knew it would become such a sought after book!

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