The Strain #1 a comic heating up (again)

I had promised myself no more Strain stories for a while. I felt like I was beating a dead horse by constantly talking about it. I love the comic and have been excited for the show. I have sold a lot of copies of #1 since the TV show announcement and have been watching the trends. In fact, I stopped selling copies of it and held on to the rest of them to see how it played out. Continue reading “The Strain #1 a comic heating up (again)”

First teaser for ‘The Strain’ airs on ‘Walking Dead’

Did you watch the Walking Dead Sunday night? Man it was intense, which is good considering how slow the past couple of episodes have been, but they led up to the war with the Governor.

Something else happened as well
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‘The Strain’ #1 CGC sells for $365.01

Not long ago we noticed an increase inthe selling price on ‘The Strain’ #1, a book that originally was selling for $1 and we were able to find a several copies in shops for quick profit. Then the news came out about it going to the silver screen. Prices popped even further.

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‘The Strain’ #1 on the rise. Tv deal set

Sorry, I was away this weekend camping (and hitting a bunch of shops) and I didn’t get the reception from my phone or iPad to get this out.

Bleeding Cool has noted that the Guellermo Del Torro horror comic is heading to FX. Looks like a pilot has been ordered. In turn, prices on #1 have started to shoot up. The first issue was released for $1 and is now going for $13 with the 1 in 5 variant going for $15. A quick scan of eBay shows people are asking for, on average $24.95 for a buy it now.


Issue #1

We will see how this book does.