Outer Darkness / Chew #1 – ECCC Convention Exclusive Foil Variant

Since ECCC was canceled, a lot of shops and publishers are stuck with the product the created for the convention. So for you Outer Darkness and Chew fans, here’s your chance to nab their exclusive that was for ECCC.

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Phoenix Fan Fusion 2019 Coverage – Guests & Exclusives

Phoenix Fan Fusion 2019 (formerly Phoenix Comicon) starts with a preview night on Thursday, May 23rd and CHU will be there!  We have been covering this large Phoenix Con for several years, they hit all the marks between celebrities, artists, creators, and comics vendors.  And at $85 for a full 4 day pass, the price is reasonable for the vast amount of entertainment. Continue reading “Phoenix Fan Fusion 2019 Coverage – Guests & Exclusives”

Rose City Comic Con Review and Exclusive Variant Giveaway!

From Cruzzer:
I had a wonderful time traveling to Portland Oregon from Glendale Arizona. I had a crew of 3 people split up and were all taking pictures for me and posting them on Instagram using the hashtag #FullFrontalNerdity. I encourage anyone on Instagram to please use this hashtag when showing your followers your pictures of cosplayers, or comics you picked up that week. A group of friends and I have been using that hashtag for several years now. We are all still uploading all the pictures (over 700+ pictures) and hope to pick out some of the best ones to feature on CHU in the near future. Continue reading “Rose City Comic Con Review and Exclusive Variant Giveaway!”

Rose City Comic Con Exclusives Preview

This year, Rose City Comic Con in Portland, will be held September 8th to the 10th.  The guest list boast an all-star lineup of comic book creators, as Portland has become a comic book industry Mecca for many individuals and Rose City, in it’s 6th year, has become on the fastest growing conventions in the country.
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