5 Comics You Should Read After Seeing X-Men: Days of Future Past

From Wired.com a reading list related to the new X-Men Movie and the Upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse Movie.
We already pegged Rise of Apocalypse as a Spec book for the future here.
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By comic book historian Terry Hoknes of www.HoknesComics.com – hoknes@hotmail.com
As a comic book historian I love keeping track of stats.
So I thought it would be interesting to keep a solid log of every single comic that goes up in value.
This calendar is a log of every comic that suddenly becomes hotter and jumps in value with an actual date.
This list should be continually updated and I hope others will add any comics that I may have missed.
Over a period of time we can look for trends and make interesting comparisons
Here is the 2014 Hot Comic Calendar
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Larry's Comic Pick of the Week

Larry from larryscomics.net has been speculating for a long while now. He used to do a weekly newsletter that was awesome. I am glad the he stops by to give us his pick of the week:
I thought COWL #1 had too many “talking heads”
Trees #1 is obviously part of a graphic novel, thus a limited series.
Those two Image titles are “bellybutton picks”
Everybody has one of those on their list.
I’m going to roll with:
(W) Jonathan Hickman (A/CA) Leinil Francis Yu
WHY? It’s the 1st appearance of a character that has “it”
It, being: monster speculator potential.
Not going to spoil. Buy one. Read it.
You’ll fall in love…

Comics Picks of the Week for Delivery 5/28/14

The past two weeks for new books have been awesome, not just for reading but for flipping. Walking Dead #127, Invincible #111, Itty Bitty Bunnies, Saga #19, all sold out and are all doing well above cover. For books under a month old, that is what I love to see. Here are this weeks picks of the week: Continue reading “Comics Picks of the Week for Delivery 5/28/14”

Saga #19 sells out at distributor level

Saga #19, the latest issue in the Brian K. Vaughn and Fionna Staples epic Image series has sold out and going back for a second printing. Continue reading “Saga #19 sells out at distributor level”

Diamond Comics Advanced Reorder list for 5/26/14

The Diamond Comics Advanced Reorder List is a great speculators tool. It shows what books comic shops are going back and ordering more of before the final order cut off. These are books that have heat behind them due to a current storyline, chatter in the shops, chatter on blogs and message boards, desired variants, or reprints of recently sold out comics. Here is this weeks:
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Weird Love #1 from IDW sells out, and print run

I have been a huge fan of IDW’s reprints of classic horror comics in ‘Haunted Horror.’ We wrote about this way back on September 26, 2013 here and here. IDW and Yoe! books latest series, Weird Love, has also sold out and has started to sell for above cover. Continue reading “Weird Love #1 from IDW sells out, and print run”

Walking Dead #127 sells out at distributor level

When doing the picks of the week, we always throw in a Walking Dead issue if it is being released that week. The reason is there is still a lot of tread left on Walking Dead books when it comes to speculation. The latest issue, The Walking Dead #127, is no exception. Continue reading “Walking Dead #127 sells out at distributor level”

Hoknes Comics hot new comics for delivery 5/28/14

Each week Terry Hoknes of www.hoknescomics.com releases a new video featuring the hot new comics of the week. Here is this weeks for delivery on 5/28/14. Continue reading “Hoknes Comics hot new comics for delivery 5/28/14”

X-Men Days of Future past post-credit scene speculation

Ok, the movie is out there. If you haven’t seen it, or do not want to ruin the post credit scene, do not read on. **This is your spoiler warning** If you have seen it, or want to go ahead and possibly be ahead of the game read on. Continue reading “X-Men Days of Future past post-credit scene speculation”

Speculating the Marvel Cosmic Universe movies

Sometimes you have to look at the end game to be a little ahead. One thing is clear, Marvel is branching off into more cosmic movies being Spearheaded by the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Continue reading “Speculating the Marvel Cosmic Universe movies”

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