Kamala Khan to be in "Captain Marvel" film

MCU President Kevin Feige told BBC that a film of Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) was in the studio development. He left it pretty vague to any details. Here is what I have learned since then. Continue reading “Kamala Khan to be in "Captain Marvel" film”

Ace Comic Con 2018 Wrap Up

Louie M. covers West Coast conventions for www.comicsheatingup.net
What up CHU!! Ace Comic Con took place in Glendale, AZ on January 13-15.  It’s important to set the bar right when judging ACC, this is their first year of existence and their second show ever. Given that, the guest list is bonkers for a new con: Chris Evans, Tom Holland, Sebastian Stan, Jon Bernthal, Hayley Atwell, Hulk Hogan, and many more from the cast of Captain America and Spider-man. Continue reading “Ace Comic Con 2018 Wrap Up”

Diamond Comics Advanced Reorder List 5/23/13

One way to tell how hot a book is / will be is by the Diamond Comics Advanced Reorder list. This list is the results of retailers upping their orders on books before they are released. Sometimes it’s because of heat for a new book, sometimes it’s a reaction to how well the first issue of a book sold. This weeks list is heavy with trades and hardcovers but there are some real speculative gold to be dug out of it too.

1. Age of Ultron 10 – Angela appears in the Marvel Universe. This will be big. People are excited for Neil Gaiman’s creation

2. Batman 21 – DCs sales juggernaut continues to sell well

3. True Lives of the Fabulous KillJoys #1 – Umbrella Academy writer and rockstar Gerard Way’s new book. Free Comic Day book brought heat to it.

4. Regular Show #3 – Sold out number 1 caught people by surprise. This was a pick of the week last week and we still have phantom variants and Third Eye Comics Variants for sale.

5. Green Lantern Corp #21- free rings brought this book up. People are more interested in the promo than the book.

6. Savage Wolverine #6 – Marvel’s most popular hero drawn by Frank Cho. Doesn’t hurt that he is drawing jungle minx Shanna the She Devil too

7. Guardians of the Galaxy #3 – hot book with upcoming movie.

8. Thanos Rising #1 2nd print – good story so far 1st issue finally sold out.

9. Regular Show #2 – see number 4.

10. Dream Merchant #2 – Another pick of the week. Strong sales on first issue.

12. Six Gun Gorilla #1 – one of two reimaging of this golden age public domain character. Buzz on this Si Spurior version

15. Savage Wolverine #6 50th anniversary variant

19. Thor God of Thunder #9

20. Batman Lil Gotham #3 – fun all ages book.

The missing numbers are all tpbs or hardcovers. Mostly Marvel.