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  1. IF you don’t have this issue saved at your local comic shop or you won’t make it in early enough, check out Mycomicshop before looking on Ebay. As of writing this on 8/20 7pm PST they have a ton of covers A&B at cover price.

    1. I could only get one…had to place separate orders. Sold out now.

      Try Forbidden Planet NYC (fpnyc.com). Looks like they still have copies. Limit 1 though.

  2. This is messed up. Tom King has officially taken his bogus story way too far. This also clashes with other in continuity stories. I can’t believe DC let this happen. I guess Pennyworth will be cancelled after one season. Maybe DC plans on doing another reboot…

  3. There’s that misconception again. I’ve never said Gotham Girl IS Robin. She’s just simply Dressing like Robin including the utility belt and ACTING in a Robin like capacity I suspect due to the influence of Psycho Pirate. I would like to see this continue especially since Damian is always gone with the Titans, Tim’s away with Young Justice, Jason may be Leviathoning his way to the dark side of the bat force, Dick’s not even in Gotham and I lost track of where Carrie Kelly is in the multiverse. There’s a hole that needs filing and this may be something that works out long term to attract some new readers to a title that’s been in a slump since #50. I can see some of the cat fights to come now if she hangs around and Catwoman keeps mending fences and ends up in the mix long term again as well.

  4. Great job with the spoiler scans. I clicked thru every one and felt like I was reading the book again!!! If you think this story is crossing into some other stories continuities now wait until you read Gotham City Monsters #1. https://www.previewsworld.com/Catalog/JUL190522 That one’s referencing from this story arc all the way back to the single digit Rebirth Bat books and other titles.

    1. My guess is he’ll be paralyzed and take on a new role like Barbara/Oracle. We’ll see.

      I haven’t read Batman since 50…I’ve been picking them up…just haven’t had time. Will get back into the swing now.

  5. This is the worst Batman run I have ever read. Its bad. Like Chuck Austen writing X-Men bad. After iasue 50 it dived and it continues its descent into bs. I hate this book I can’t believe the same dude who gave us Mister Miracle is writing this trash. This is a cheap move by someone who lost the grip on this story a long time ago. this was done to push the slumping sales on this book that’s it they are aware of the spec culture that dominates comics and they know that first appearances and the death of a major character will Spike sales they know this Alfred deserve way better than this. I’m not buying it I think there’s a lot more going on here DC rebirth has really come off the rails we used to get good stories now we get B covers and BS. Im not wastong my money on this. For months the sales and interest in this book have been talked about. Now you break Alfreds neck. Ok DC.

    1. Even mycomicshop is in at $13-$17 so it doesn’t look like they’ll be leading the charge. Second Printing announced for issues 76 and 77. https://www.previewsworld.com/Catalog/JUL198304 No FOC advertised but I’m assuming it’s this Monday.

      It’s sounding more and more like this is all in continuity stuff. Here’s a snipet from the evil place.

      “Continuing the City Of Bane storyline, in which Bane – courtesy of a Luthor-influenced passive government – has taken over the running of Gotham, employed its villains to keep everyone secure, exiled Batman and his family, and has made it a place of peace.”

      This read was pretty interesting also. https://www.cbr.com/batman-bane-really-kill-alfred/

                1. It has….and even if it hadn’t and he is dead and stays that way there is no spec value here.

                  Dump and run. I’ve sold 8 copies today…I have two left but one is for the PC. I’m not planning on keeping a second copy.

                  As I was typing this that last copy sold. So I’m out!

                  Thank you Batman. Alfred, you shall be missed for the 5 seconds people think you might be dead.

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