SDCC 2019 Wrap Up – Louie M’s Adventures

Greetings CHU!  Our Superbowl took place last weekend in San Diego with every major comic publisher under one roof plus movie and TV studios, here is one person’s ground view of the event.  I know you all heard the Phase 4 news and probably gobbled up all those keys by now! Check out some of my “not Hall H” experiences… Continue reading “SDCC 2019 Wrap Up – Louie M’s Adventures”

Phoenix Fan Fusion 2019 Coverage – Guests & Exclusives

Phoenix Fan Fusion 2019 (formerly Phoenix Comicon) starts with a preview night on Thursday, May 23rd and CHU will be there!  We have been covering this large Phoenix Con for several years, they hit all the marks between celebrities, artists, creators, and comics vendors.  And at $85 for a full 4 day pass, the price is reasonable for the vast amount of entertainment. Continue reading “Phoenix Fan Fusion 2019 Coverage – Guests & Exclusives”

San Diego Comic Con 2018 Cosplay Gallery

Cosplayers are one of the best parts of attending any comic convention. They were not around conventions when I was a kid, and it’s a blessing to have them today.  They bring our favorite characters to life.  Check out the Cosplay that was on display in San Diego! Continue reading “San Diego Comic Con 2018 Cosplay Gallery”

San Diego Comic Con 2018 Wrap Up

San Diego Comic Con, the Nerd Superbowl, started on July 18th.  This was definitely a transition year for SDCC. Almost everything is a lottery now.  On one hand, it’s an even playing field. On another hand, those who are more vigilant and willing to work harder don’t get an advantage.  Depends on your definition of fairness. Attendees could sign up in what’s called an “Exclusives Portal” for lotteries to all major signings and exclusive booths.  I entered for almost everything in every time slot. I won nothing. Squat. So we can say I wasn’t a big fan this year. My main request of SDCC is to only allow each winning attendee to win only once, since some people won multiples while some won nothing. Continue reading “San Diego Comic Con 2018 Wrap Up”

Phoenix Comic Fest 2018 Wrap Up

Phoenix Comic Fest (formerly Phoenix Comicon) took place over the Memorial Day weekend.  2017 was a rough year for the event: staffing issues, near shooting incident, and taking on SDCC over the use of ‘comic con’ name. That’s all in the past now and they have revamped the con for 2018 in many ways. Now wristbands are mailed in advance, far more security checkpoints/entrances, and a slew of minor improvements throughout the convention center. Continue reading “Phoenix Comic Fest 2018 Wrap Up”

Ace Comic Con 2018 Wrap Up

Louie M. covers West Coast conventions for
What up CHU!! Ace Comic Con took place in Glendale, AZ on January 13-15.  It’s important to set the bar right when judging ACC, this is their first year of existence and their second show ever. Given that, the guest list is bonkers for a new con: Chris Evans, Tom Holland, Sebastian Stan, Jon Bernthal, Hayley Atwell, Hulk Hogan, and many more from the cast of Captain America and Spider-man. Continue reading “Ace Comic Con 2018 Wrap Up”

Game On Expo 2017 Wrap Up

Louie M. cover conventions for
Hi CHU Family!  Growing up, when I didn’t have a comic book in my hand, I had a video game controller. Today the convention scene has grown to accommodate large conventions for all types of fandoms and subcultures, and gaming is a perfect fit.  Game On Expo took place in Phoenix, AZ on August 11-13th with three full days of programming. Continue reading “Game On Expo 2017 Wrap Up”

Phoenix Comic Con Cosplay Gallery

Thanks to Louie M. who covers conventions in the South West for us for the gallery. Let’s here your favorites down in the comment section.  Continue reading “Phoenix Comic Con Cosplay Gallery”

Amazing Arizona Comic Con Cosplay Gallery

Thanks again to Louie M. for the great coverage of Amazing Arizona Con and this huge Cosplay Gallery:
Continue reading “Amazing Arizona Comic Con Cosplay Gallery”

Amazing Arizona Comic Con Coverage

Thanks to Louie M. who covers comic conventions for
Amazing Arizona Comic Con is in its sixth year. I have written about the Amazing shows before, and how it is uniquely a true comic book convention. The gist of the story now is seeing the year over year improvement. The show is better run than ever, and attendees can ensure a great time if they attend an Amazing show. Here are the highlights: Continue reading “Amazing Arizona Comic Con Coverage”