Year In Review 2018

Happy New Year everybody!

Thanks for a wonderful 2018. I want to send special “thank you’s” to Agent Poyo for his Poyo’s Specs and Drecks, Mel V. for his Mel’s Variant Picks, Blind Adam for his Hidden Gems, Shawn B. for his One Year Later posts, Louie M. and Cruzzer for their con coverage, and everyone else who contributes, sends tips, reads, comments, and otherwise visits the site. Also big thank you’s to everyone who contributed books for our free comic Wednesdays. We did a ton of great giveaways in 2018 and look forward to doing more in 2019.

We have been doing a summary of the year at the beginning of the new year. There is a lot to get into.  Now it is time to talk about the year in general. Here is what our year looked like:

It was an incredible year of growth for CHU. We were up over 10% year over year for site views. The site was viewed 2,674,668 times from 316,754 different readers from 175 different countries. That is an average of 7,327 views a day (or over 5 views per minute averaged for the entire year.)

The 10 most popular stories for the year were all spoilers, here is the top 10 stories of the year:
1. Spoilers: Amazing Spiderman #800 The End of the Era
2. Spoilers: Amazing Spider-man #1, A New Menace for Spidey
3. Spoilers: Venom #4 The first True Appearance of The God of the Symbiotes
4. Spoilers: Infinity Wars Prime #1, Who Dies and What is Destroyed
5. Leak: 7-11 Stores to Have Exclusive Deadpool 2 Funko Pop
6. Spoilers: Thanos #16, I am not Worthy!
7. Spoilers: Amazing Spider-Man #796, What Will Red Goblin Be?
8. Spoilers: Amazing Spiderman #798, Red Goblin Arrives
9. Spoilers: Venom #1 This is Going to be Big
10. Spoilers: Batman Damned #2 Channeling The Killing Joke

The Top Non-Spoiler posts:
1. Alana’s Black Panther Movie Spoilers
2. Red Goblin to First Appear in Amazing Spiderman #798, Here are the Covers
3. Mel’s guide to selling Funko Pops
4. Comic Picks of the Week for Delivery 7/18/18
5. Could Cosmic Ghost Rider Have Appeared Before Thanos #13?

The most popular country for visitors for the site was:
United States 2,107,843
Canada 265,271
United Kingdom 121,600
Australia 30,001
Philippines 28,953

Here is a break down of where our traffic is referred from:
Search Engines 279,829
Facebook 118,418
Wordpress App 26,633
Reddit 12,679
Twitter 8,634
Blow Out Cards Forum 852

We had a total of 20,760 comments this past year, with the top commenters being as follows:
Agent Poyo
A. King

So, 2018 was a huge year for us. I cannot thank you all enough for supporting the site. It is an awesome experience running this little site and seeing how much it has grown. We will be switching hosts for the site this year and making a lot of tweaks, so stay tuned for that. Here is to a happy and prosperous 2019!

34 thoughts on “ Year In Review 2018”

      1. Haha… Good luck! I think I’ve been top commenter almost every year now. I’d love to see someone top that…

    1. ‘Who…does….number….two…work…for?….’
      I do have a tendacy to express my displeasure with things that suck, Poka. Perhaps I ratchet it up this year as I shoot for APs top spot.

      1. I enjoy reading your opinions and even the facts you bring forth in the comments. I’d rather hear someone express themselves honesty than them pussyfoot around the subject. I try to give my honesty in all of my comments and articles as well.

  1. BTW, the 4th ranked non-spoiler post is an odd duck….nothing of significance was going on that week….wonder why so many hits.

  2. Lol, to the bunk Black Panther end credits being #1 at least I got it right in the comments. I still think all those scenes might of actually been filmed because one showed up Buckys arm in Infinity war and the trailer #2 for Captain Marvel shows her enter a ship through what appears be the roof the bunk spoiler mentioned her traveling through the roof in and out of starships. The trailer #2 also shows her in a space fight about to do the punch pose thing as in the bunk end credit scene. All my other movie spoilers before the film releases have been right but the one wrong one is #1 my apologies CHUniverse and thanks for making it #1.

  3. It’s a real privilege to be able to exchange ideas with all of you; our love for comic books is really a great thing we share. I just didn’t realize I commented so much. Let the site continue to grow and here’s to a smooth migration to new web hosting!

  4. By the way, Anthony, can you see where the views are coming from on a city/regional and country level, or just by country?

    1. I dont think so but once we switch from WordPress hosting, we’ll have much more freedom and might be able to gather such stats.

      1. I think even with new host might not be able to see more narrow regions than country as it can be misleading since people could be behind VPN’s, proxy servers, etc. Plus a netblock range of IP’s could span multiple cities.

  5. Love the site. Keep up the great work, guys! Although I can’t contribute/comment as much as I would like, the work of the others in this community more than makes up for my shortcomings. Looking forward to a stellar 2019!

  6. I’m happy to have discovered your site, Anthony .. it helps an old Retailer keep up with what’s what and you maintain a nice, downhome feel .. I can only think that your new home will be much the same with some general enhancements .. Salut .. 🙂

  7. Great site, Tony. I love the CHU community. CHU is the best online comic group out there, by a country mile. I am very much looking forward to seeing the new tweaks that are in store for CHU. 🍻

    1. Sweet. I was hoping to get them out sooner but yes, I got them all shipped off on Saturday so everyone else should start getting theirs as well.

  8. Great year guys! Love the site and even though I don’t always comment, I’m an avid reader of all the articles. Keep up the great work and looking forward to the changes in 2019.

  9. Yeah, I fell off hard this year. Haven’t really participated much. 🙁 I’ve been doing much more lurking.

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