Diamond Comics Advanced Reorder List November 8th

The Diamond Comics Advanced Reorder list gives a peek into what is being reordered in advance of the books being shipped. It is a great speculation tool to see what is going to be hot in the coming weeks. Continue reading “Diamond Comics Advanced Reorder List November 8th”

Daredevil, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage being developed for Netflix

More Marvel TV shows, in a way. looks like Disney is looking to bring original content based on Marvel characters to netflix. If the shows become popular enough they will be made into movies or TV shows. This could bring some real heat to some books. Especially the Jessica Jones books that were well written and had a popularity of their own for the longest time. Alias could see a resurgence in popularity, as could the follow up series The Pulse. Alias on eBay Pulse on eBay
Prices on Alias are still cheap at Mycomicshop

At this point it is too early to guess which Daredevil series that the webisodes would pull from, same for Luke Cage and Iron Fist.

Captain Marvel #17 Cameo New Ms. Marvel

While Carol Danvers has been sporting the moniker Captain Marvel, it has left her previous name Ms. Marvel in the cold. Marvel recently released info that a new Ms. Marvel series would be coming. The character filling the name has caused a bit of a stir. Continue reading “Captain Marvel #17 Cameo New Ms. Marvel”

Walmart website crazy low prices 11/6/13 and the Walking Dead

I know what you are thinking, why is the site talking about Walmart and super low prices. Well, looks like Walmart.com may have been hacked or had a pricing glitch and, for a while, featured some seriously low prices on some graphic novels.

Continue reading “Walmart website crazy low prices 11/6/13 and the Walking Dead”

Picks of the Week continued… 11/6/13

Picks of the Week continued… 11/6/13

Left one off the list in my tiredness of getting the post out last night. All Crime #2 comes out tomorrow. The first issue had a tiny print run and sold out quickly. It was going for more than cover on eBay. Since this is the 2nd issue, expect it to be harder to find. In addition to all that, the first issue was a good Pulpy read. 

Top 150 Hottest Comic Titles and recent Back Issues during LATE OCTOBER 2013

Bi-weekly column and list compiled by comics historian Terry Hoknes of www.HoknesComics.com – hoknes@hotmail.com

This list is updated every 2 weeks.  This list is compiled from my non-stop research of the current market.   I believe these were the most demand and growing in value books this month.     This list focuses on all regular edition covers.  (Variants are not listed otherwise they would likely dominate the entire list due to instant high prices and calculated small print runs).   If you think I have missed any hot titles/issues of the last 5 years please let me know.  Here are my picks of what I believe are the hottest comics at this very moment from all sold releases of the last few years online based on back issue sales ABOVE cover price.

Continue reading “Top 150 Hottest Comic Titles and recent Back Issues during LATE OCTOBER 2013”

Comics Picks of the Week 11/6/13

Well, another Wednesday is just a day away at this point, and a lot of good books on the slate. Thanks again to Larry from Larry’s Comics for stopping by to give us his pick of the week. Here is ours. Each week hundreds of new comics drop and we pick the ones we are looking at to potentially rise in value.
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Larry’s Comics Pick of the Week 11/6/13

Always glad when Larry from www.larryscomics.net stops by to give us his pick of the week. Larry has been speculating on comics for a long time and used to write the speculating bible Larry’s Comics Market Report. You can still check him out on twitter at #comicmarket and @larryscomics. Continue reading “Larry’s Comics Pick of the Week 11/6/13”

A Look Ahead to Wednesday 11/6/13

I know I keep repeating this, but I love Wednesdays. This Wednesday is a huge one with a lot of my favorite reads coming out, and some new ones to speculate on. Here is a preview of things to come for 11/6/13. Continue reading “A Look Ahead to Wednesday 11/6/13”

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