Walking Dead Spec

Man, tonight’s The Walking Dead episode was intense. I mean really intense. It has been a slow season, if you look back. The Governor was the “big bad” this season, a rehash from last, well up until the mid season break. This has been more character driven than others. We did see Rosa, Eugene, and Abraham appear, and the issue they appear in, The Walking Dead #53, went up in price. Continue reading “Walking Dead Spec”

Ales Kot signed Secret Avengers #1 and Zero #1 Phantom Variants

I put out my signing schedule a week or so ago. One of the big ones is Ales Kot, the writer of Zero (hinted at having a TV show coming by Kot himself) and tomorrow’s new Marvel release Secret Avengers with artist Tradd Moore. Continue reading “Ales Kot signed Secret Avengers #1 and Zero #1 Phantom Variants”

Evil Empire #1 from Boom! Studios sold out

Thanks to Larry from www.larryscomics.net for the info.
Evil Empire #1 from Boom Studios has sold through its print run at Diamond Comics. Expect a second print. Evil Empire is Max Bemis’s (Say Anything) new comic. It is a really good read for a first issue and the unrelated follow up to his first hit comic Polarity. Continue reading “Evil Empire #1 from Boom! Studios sold out”

Loki Ragnarok and Roll signing with Jerry and Penelope Gaylord

The second signing on my signing schedule is this Saturday. This time it is for Loki Ragnarok and Roll #1 with Jerry and Penelope Gaylord. Several people expressed interest in this one. If you are interested in copies, please email me at apopcomics@gmail.com


Next week, Zero Signing with Ales Kott. 

Forever Evil #6 Poll Question

I like reader polls. I was doing more of them last year and wanted to bring them back. The Walking Dead #127 poll has been a hot topic (does Rick Die?) so am following it up with a Forever Evil #6 poll.  Continue reading “Forever Evil #6 Poll Question”

Comicsheatingup.net signing schedule

Hey guys, thanks for everyone who has purchased the signed comics. I do not get paid to do the site, so those books help pay for costs of the website and such. People have asked me about the upcoming signings I will be attending. The schedule follows after the bump.  Continue reading “Comicsheatingup.net signing schedule”

Captain America #6 First Winter Soldier: A Comic Heating Up

Thanks to my friends at the Comic Book Speculating and Investing community at Google+ for this tip.  Continue reading “Captain America #6 First Winter Soldier: A Comic Heating Up”

Hoknes Comics hot new comics for delivery 2/5/14

Each week Terry Hoknes of www.hoknescomics.com spotlights hot new comics and small press books. Here is his video for this week, with delivery date of 2/5/14 (Today!) (Hurrah for new comics!)
Also, be sure to check out his web site as he is having a huge 50% off back issues from his stock of recent hot comics. www.hoknescomics.com/comicsforsale.htm

Top 200 Hottest Comic Titles and recent Back Issues during LATE JANUARY 2014

Bi-weekly column and list compiled by comics historian Terry Hoknes of www.HoknesComics.com – hoknes@hotmail.com
This chart is styled like the old classic Wizard Magazine Top 10 Hottest Comic charts that were published every month in the 1990′s.
Continue reading “Top 200 Hottest Comic Titles and recent Back Issues during LATE JANUARY 2014”

CHU Chatter: Night of the Living Deadpool Hasting Variant

Thanks to Drew for pointing this out, Night of the Living Deadpool  #1 Hastings Variant is back up. It can be found here: http://bit.ly/1baKrIT  Continue reading “CHU Chatter: Night of the Living Deadpool Hasting Variant”

Justin Jordan's The Spread Convention Teaser

Man I love blogging about comics. I also love going to signings for comics. Recently, I did the Justin Jordan Dead Body Road signing and got a chance to hang around Justin for a while and was bugging him about Luther Strode, Dead Body Road, and the preview he did of Spread at NYCC. We covered the basis on how much I appreciate him and his work so far but we kept going back to Spread.
You could tell it was something he was jazzed about. I did tell him I run a speculator web-site and up until this point could not find copies of the convention teaser. He said to shoot him am email and he would send me copies. So I did. Happy to say that the copies came in today and they look even better than the online preview.
So getting to the point. I will be giving away copies in the coming weeks, closer to the announcement that Spread will be coming out from —–
Keep your eyes peeled for your chance to get a copy when I get more news on the announcement.


Hoknes Comics Hot New Comics for 1/15/14

Each week Terry Hoknes of www.hoknescomics.com releases a video spotlighting hot new release comics. Here is this weeks for 1/15/14 delivery.

Continue reading “Hoknes Comics Hot New Comics for 1/15/14”

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