Rat Queens #1 Signed by Kurtis J Wiebe and Roc Upchurch available again

Update: Third Eye Comics contacted me and have some extra copies they had signed at the store. They are letting me offer them up to you guys first. Once again, let me know if anyone is interested in getting a copy of Rat Queens 1 signed by Kurtis Wiebe and Roc Upchurch.
Email me at apopcomics@gmail.com.

update: All books and lithos are sold out. Thank you guys for buying the signed books. I will be doing it again with “Pretty Deadly” with Kelly Sue Deconnick in a few weeks. Keep an eye out for details.

update: I have four copies left and the litho has sold.

I had sold a few of these on pre-order and had a couple of people who said they were interested but didn’t end up getting them. I have 8 copies of Rat Queen #1 signed by Kurtis Wiebe and Roc Upchurch still available. Hit me up at apopcomics@gmail.com if you are interested. I also have a signed lithograph print available. There were only 30 of these made, and were produced just for the signing. The 30 prints were broken down between each of the four characters so there are less than 8 of each character made.




Sex Criminals #1 From Matt Fraction sells out

And for the third of three stories on recent Image sell outs, this has the biggest print run. We also just reported Rat Queens and Zero, both from Image have sold out. The print run follows the bump.
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Walking Dead #115 NYCC variant for $2.99 (available for pre-order again)

A few weeks ago we spotlighted this deal, as this is a money maker, as copies have been selling for $30. You can get The Walking Dead #115 NYCC Variant for $2.99. It’s limited 1 per person. Continue reading “Walking Dead #115 NYCC variant for $2.99 (available for pre-order again)”

Joker’s Daughter Creator Bob Rozakis speaks about Duela Dent

Regular Comicsheatingup.net commenter UKpondside tracked down Batman Family writer and Joker’s Daughter creator Bob Rozakis and spoke to him about his creation Joker’s Daughter.

Furthermore, according to Ukpondside, he is willing to answer question on the character.

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Diamond Comics Advanced Reorder List 8/26/13


The Diamond Comics Advanced reorder list is a peek into what is hot or heating up. It is based on what retailers are upping their orders on before final order cut off. This is where books sell out. These last orders can be a follow up to a hot first issue, increased demand on an ongoing series, or based off internet chatter on blogs and message boards.

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Suicide 5 gets more press

Within the last few weeks, I ran an interview I did with Jason Pell on his Kickstarter project ‘Suicide 5’. I loved the concept of the book and was very interested in funding it to get the book off the ground. The original interview can be seen here.
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Ghost Projekt #1 (Oni Press) super hot

From Terry Hoknes at www.hoknescomics.com

One week after announcement of a potential new TV series, Ghost Projekt, back issues have jumped way up online
Sales of #1 so far have hit up to $32.99 for the $3.99 comic from 3 years ago
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From Terry Hoknes at http://www.hoknescomics.com, Terry spotlights one of my favorite horror series, Haunted Horror From IDW. This book has flown under the radar and has shot up in price since the release of the first issue, Haunted Horror #1 available on Amazon, the rest of the series is available on TFAW.com and and Mycomicshop.com


Hot new and sold out comics report from Hoknes Comics

2013 New Comics Sept 25 Farlaine The Goblin Rat Queens Sex Criminals Super Other Dead Powerpuff Girl

Each week Terry Hoknes of http://www.hoknescomics.com puts out a video spotlighting hot new comics and sold out books for the week.

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