Rocket Raccoon series announced from Marvel

Sorry for the slow week, February has been an awesome month for spec news, but also has been a busy month for my regular job. In the process of catching up on my RSS feed and passing along the news.
MTV got the exclusive on the upcoming Skottie Young Rocket Raccoon. Seems about the right time as everything Guardians and Rocket Raccoon are blowing up.
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Annihilators #3 a book to keep an eye on

Here is a bit of advice I really liked this week. It comes to us from our friends at Google+ Comic Book Speculation and Investment Community. Continue reading “Annihilators #3 a book to keep an eye on”

Comics picks of the week for delivery 2/16/14

I love Wednesday. I love going into work and waiting for the local shops to open up at 11. I love taking an early lunch and going to the shops. I love picking up the best copies of the new books. Really, it is the whole comic buying experience. Needless to say there are a ton of new books coming out this week worth looking at. So here is this weeks picks of the week for delivery on 2/26/14.
The one you have to pick up:
Black Science #4- Rick Remender’s new book continues to be on fire.
The other Remender book:
Deadly Class #2- First issue was pretty impressive. If Remender’s streak of hit books continues, the second issue is where it is at.
The “we are glad this book is back as it was pretty hot before” one:
Wake #6- The Wake has been a great book. It went on Hiatus while they were prepping the second arc. Plus, it is Scott Snyder and Sean Murphey. Snyder is hot right now.
The Walking Dead issue of the week:
The Walking Dead #122- The Walking Dead is a cultural phenomenon. Robert Kirkman has said that Negan is coming to the AMC show. So this pretty much sums up the fact that ALL OUT WAR will be a storyline on the show. Every new character that comes from the comic has jumped in price. (See the Abraham issue #53 price jump.)
THe Ultra Violent 1:
Revenge #1- formerly Revenger #1 bring the sex and violence to Image with this new series. I read the preview in Elephantmen and it rocks. If this heats up, do not pass up getting the first appearance in the preview in the back of Elephantmen 52
The outside chance:
One Hit Wonder #1- New series drawn by superstar artist ARIEL OLIVETTI. Looking forward to checking this out.
Finally, the really outside chance:
Vandroid #1- Part man Part machine and a van. When Palm Springs Entertainment studios burned to the ground in 1984, the most definitive motion picture of a generation was lost before its time. Thirty years later, the extraordinary talents of Tommy Lee Edwards, Noah Smith, and Dan McDaid unite to resurrect this lost epic. * Complete the Vandroid experience with the remastered soundtrack from Ed Banger Records and the unearthed 1984 movie….
Let us know what you are specking on this week.

Manifest Destiny #4 sold out

Catching up on my RSS feed, I have so many stories that I haven’t read yet.
Manifest Destiny Is a bonafide hit. The first issue is selling at a premium, and sold out. The second and third issues sold out as well. Now, Image is reporting the fourth issue has sold out on the distributor level and is going back for a second printing. Continue reading “Manifest Destiny #4 sold out”

Did James Gunn indirectly confirm Adam Warlock and Captain Marvel in Guardians?

<Our friend Lubber Clang had already pointed out the "Him", aka Adam Warlock, cocoon in one of the stills which came out last year in his "Spec That" video. But in an interview with Pointless Pod cast, James Gunn may have indirectly let loose Captain Marvel and Adam Warlock will be in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Continue reading “Did James Gunn indirectly confirm Adam Warlock and Captain Marvel in Guardians?”

Hints at new Fantastic Four movie villian

So everyone has been focusing on the cast of the new Fantastic Four movie. The casting choices have been polarizing. Some like the choice, some dislike it, and some are insulting to those who do not agree with it. Regardless of your stance on the actor selection, we know we will be getting a Marvel Villain appearance. If recent history is any indication, prices on the character’s first appearance will heat up. Continue reading “Hints at new Fantastic Four movie villian”

New Small Press Series #1's for delivery on 2/26/14

Quite a few new series worth taking a look at next Wednesday. These are non-big-two books (no new Marvel and Dc books as books like Fantastic Four #1 will get spotlighted everywhere).
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Diamond Comics Advanced reorder List for 2/20/14

The Diamond Comics Advanced Reorder list is a great guide as to what is potentially hot. These are the books stores are going back to get more copies of before the final order cut off. These are books that are a new number 1, a second issue to a smash first issue, new story lines, or books that are getting buzz from blogs, websites, message boards and good old-fashioned in the comic store chatter. Continue reading “Diamond Comics Advanced reorder List for 2/20/14”

More 'Zero' TV News and Print run

There has been some heat behind Zero from Ales Kot and published by Image Comics in reference to a couple of tweets and facebook posts. Ales mentioned asked fans if they would like to see a Zero TV show. That was enough to get the speculation going and copies moving on ebay.  Continue reading “More 'Zero' TV News and Print run”

Comics Sales 2014 – January – Surprise high and low sales report

Market report by comics historian Terry Hoknes – of
Every month Diamond Distributors reports the top 300 best selling highest ordered new comic books of the month
Retailers order new products 2 months in advance and must predict how well new comics will sell for them.
What happens every month is some titles are over-ordered and some retailers under-order. Continue reading “Comics Sales 2014 – January – Surprise high and low sales report”

Hoknes Comics hot comics for 2/19/14

Each week Terry Hoknes of releases a video spotlighting the hot new books of the week. Here is this weeks, for delivery on 2/19/14. Continue reading “Hoknes Comics hot comics for 2/19/14”

Comics Picks of the week for 2/19/14

Each week hundred’s of new books come out. Each has potential, but let’s be honest, not all of them live up to that potential. Each week we pick the books we think have the best shot. Here are our picks for delivery on 2/19/14: Continue reading “Comics Picks of the week for 2/19/14”

Zero from Image coming to TV?

I love Zero, from Ales Kot and a rotating cast of artists. I even gave away the Paul Pope #1 Phantom Variant here a while back. Well, the tv and movie news continues as Ales tweets tonight. Continue reading “Zero from Image coming to TV?”

Diamond Comics Advanced Reorder List for 2/16/14

The Diamond Comics Advanced reorder list is a great speculator tool. It shows what comic shops are going back and reordering more of before final order cut off. This list is a result of a first issue selling out, a new series, or chatter, such as talk around the shops, message boards and blogs. Needless to say, these are the books getting attention. Continue reading “Diamond Comics Advanced Reorder List for 2/16/14”

Devil's Hopyard First appearance

So a lot of attention has been placed on the Devil’s Hopyard as people try to get copies. The book is doing pretty well, and people on the message boards are definitely talking up the speck potential. But if the book does pop, people will want the first appearance of the characters. Continue reading “Devil's Hopyard First appearance”

Insect Bath #1 Price Increasing

Not sure if you saw my picks of the week this week, as there were 2 posts. The first one covered a lot of the normal type books I would cover. The second one covered an odd-ball Fantagraphics book called Insect Bath #1. Continue reading “Insect Bath #1 Price Increasing”

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